A Guide to Getting Instant Credit Card Approval in 2023

With some preparation and researching suitable options for your profile, getting instant approval for a new credit card in Canada is possible. Here are in-depth tips.

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Check Your Credit Score and Report Thoroughly Before Applying

The first important step when aiming to get an instant approval for a new credit card is to check your current personal credit score and review your credit report details thoroughly using a free service like Borrowell or Credit Karma. This allows you to understand metrics like your payment history, credit utilization percentage, late payments or derogatory marks, total available credit, credit age, and mix, and several recent inquiries to understand your overall credit profile and standing.

Knowing this detailed credit information upfront enables you to realistically target applying first for credit cards you fall within the approval odds range for based on the issuer’s published creditworthiness criteria. Also, verify that your annual personal or household income meets or exceeds any minimums for your desired cards. With a clear understanding of both your credit qualifications and income eligibility, you can feel confident applying for cards you are likely to be instantly approved for. Doing this credit preparation first is critical to accessing instant approvals quickly.

Compare Features, Perks, Rewards, and Fees to Find the Best Card

Once you have confirmed your credit standing and income eligibility, the next step is spending ample time comparing features, benefits, fees, rewards programs, and other variables between a wide variety of Canadian credit card products to identify the top options likely to be both instantly approved and ideally matched to your individual lifestyle and spending habits.

Look closely at interest rates on purchases and cash advances, whether annual fees apply, sign-up bonuses, travel and shopping perks, complimentary insurance coverages, cash back and travel rewards earnings rates, and any foreign transaction fees. To understand available benefits, compare top rewards cards like the Scotiabank Momentum Visa Infinite and the American Express Cobalt Card. Only cards with very high fees if the perks and accelerated rewards justify the costs for your habits. Taking the time to match the correct card features and prices to your financial priorities ensures you maximize the value of the product you ultimately get approved for.

Prepare and Organize All Required Information to Complete Applications Quickly

Once you’ve identified the top Canadian credit card products to target for instant approval, prepare and organize the necessary personal information and documentation to complete most credit card applications fully. This includes having your full legal name, current home address, date of birth, Social Insurance Number, personal annual income, employer name, and occupation details available.

Also, have information on previous home addresses listed to help verify identity and residency history. Providing total household income gives practical earnings context, even if only your income meets the stated minimums for the card. Locate recent pay stubs, tax records, or bank statements to supplement applications to confirm payment. Having all required personal data and documentation prepared and organized beforehand allows you to swiftly and accurately complete application forms, leading to the quickest processing and decisioning. Submitting fully filled-out applications is critical to instant approvals.

Submit Applications Online for Real-Time Processing and Decisions

The final step is submitting your credit card application securely online on a computer or smartphone app for major Canadian issuers like CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank, TD, BMO, and Amex. Many feature application platforms that process in real-time and provide instant approval decisions within minutes versus days. Be ready to provide all required personal information honestly and accurately. Carefully review, then accept the terms and conditions. Call bank contact centers if any part of the online application needs to be clarified before submitting.

If your first choice of credit card provider does not approve instantly, stay persistent and apply for another suitable card from a different issuer immediately. Having backup card options in your pre-research allows for quickly pivoting to an alternate provider for approval. As long as you have adequately prepared and submitted fully completed applications, persistence pays off for Canadians aiming to get instant credit card approval. Maintain records of application dates and reference numbers for easy follow-up. Leverage online automation and real-time processing to obtain quick credit decisions.


With adequate preparation and diligence on the front end, getting instant approval on a new credit card application is possible in Canada. First, check your credit scores and reports from all bureaus, and resolve any issues before applying. Do your research to compare card features and fees matching your needs and financial profile. Get all required information organized and ready to fill out application forms swiftly. Then utilize online and mobile channels providing automated real-time decisions within minutes for significant issuers. Stay persistent in applying if your first choice doesn’t instantly approve. With the proper research, preparation, diligently completed applications, and leveraging digital channels, Canadians can obtain credit approvals immediately to access optimal financing.

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