Quick Fix Phones

Over the past decade, mobile phones have evolved to be a valuable device to humans in general. Dissemination of information, data, and other useful resources across the globe and communication has been made easy by using a mobile phone.

Any individual with a mobile phone can acquire all the knowledge and materials they need with just a mobile phone. The evolution of mobile phones has made it quite possible for anyone anywhere to work from home without stepping foot into office premises.

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In this time and era, the mobile phone is one of the powerful tools that can shape human existence and civilization. However, despite the might of this device, they can develop faults like every other electronic device after a while

Faulty phones can be a source of worry or concern to users, especially users whose source of livelihood is over the phone. At times finding a mobile phone repairer can be a difficult task due to the technicality and complexities of some mobile phones. Some mobile phones require an expert with the technical know-how of phones and how to repair them.

In Case if a Person Has a Faulty Phone That Needs Urgent Repair

Below are some ways to fix them quickly without difficulty depending on the issue of the faulty device.

The best place a faulty phone can be repaired is at the store where it was purchased. Even if the store doesn’t specialize in mobile phone repair, the store owner can easily recommend a phone user to a specialist in mobile phone repair.

If a mobile phone user is still under the manufacturers’ warranty, the phone can be replaced, and the user is provided with a new one, but to do this, the user must provide the manufacturers’ warranty issued during purchase.
In a situation whereby a user has lost or misplaced the warranty, the user should contact the manufacturer to see if the phone can be sent in for repair or outrightly replaced.

To repair a cracked, damaged, or broken phone screen, it is advisable that a user consult a professional. Though replacing a mobile phone screen can be expensive, consulting a professional is the best means of repairing the phone screen if the user can afford the cost.

For users who can’t afford the cost of consulting a professional, there are some tips to guide such a user in repairing the damaged screen for the main time until the user can afford the cost of consulting a professional or replacing the phone entirely.

Some of The Tips in Repairing a Damaged or Cracked Phone Screen are

1. The user must first drop the phone on a flat surface and ascertain the degree of the damage.
2. The user should make a paste with baking soda and a small quantity of water to give a thick paste. The user should rub the formed paste on the screen with a clean piece of cloth and wipe the paste gently and carefully on the screen.
3. Tiny drops of vegetable oil can be rubbed on the cracked part. This will hide the problem for a while because eventually, the oil will rub off and will need to be reapplied on the cracked surface.
4. Applying toothpaste is another method that can be used. The user should fill the crack on the screen with toothpaste and rub it gently with a towel until the crack disappears entirely.

Note: If the degree of damage is not severe and the crack is minimal, the user can make use of a screen protector to prevent further cracks or damage to the phone screen. As earlier stated, the best way to repair a phone screen is to consult a professional, so all the tips given above are temporary measures.

5. Most cell phone batteries can’t be repaired, so the best form of repair for cell phone batteries is to replace the battery entirely. In a user’s best interest replacing the battery for a new one is the utmost solution to a damaged cell phone battery. Getting a new battery will increase the battery life of the phone and increase the performance of the mobile device.

When Trying to Fix a Phone

A user should always note some of the following features before attempting a repair

Life span/Years of use.
Battery Life.
Date of Manufacture.

After checking out any of the above features, if it is noted that the period given by the manufacturer has been exceeded, the user should replace the phone by purchasing a new one, but if the period hasn’t been exceeded, then a repair can be carried out the device.

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