The Best Ways to Learn Data Science in 3 Months

Learning Data Science In Just 90 Days Could Be The Beginning Of A Lucrative Career!

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Data Science is all about breaking down issues into smaller bits, creating a program with your own logic and procedures, and then providing a solution. Coding pushes your brain to think thoroughly about an issue, organize your ideas, apply logic, and finally come up with a solution.

Data Science can find you lots of work prospects in the huge world of technology. Programmers are in great demand around the globe. You may work as a freelancer, for certain corporations, on your own side projects, or create your own company using your coding skills. Whatever your reason, you will almost certainly never be out of a job and by taking a course you’ll fast track your way into the many opportunities the market has to offer.

Data Scientist Positions are also appealing since they involve critical thinking and scenario analysis. Data Scientists tend to work less hours but earn more, and they are more flexible in their everyday lives in order to complete their jobs. Many successful Data Scientists start out by taking a course. There are many free options on offer including the fantastic short accredited courses listed below.

CS50’s Introduction to Data Science Offered by Harvard University via edX Is A Comprehensive 12 Week Course.

Over 1.5 million students have enrolled in this edX course presented by Harvard. The on-campus version of CS50 is the University’s largest course, and this free online version is nearly as comprehensive. Even more astounding is that you can take it for free in its entirety. However, if you do choose to pursue a certificate to highlight your achievement, the platform offers this perk for only $90, a serious bargain compared to the classroom version.

Because the course is so comprehensive, we’ve placed it at the top of our list. Anyone seeking for the greatest free online computer science education should start with this choice. There is no need for previous programming knowledge, and the course may be completed at your own leisure.


  • A thorough understanding of computer science and programming
  • How to use algorithms and solve programming problems
  • Concepts such as data structures, encapsulation, abstraction, algorithms, resource management, software engineering security, and web development
  • Programming languages, including C, Python, SQL, and JavaScript plus CSS and HTML

Introduction to Data Science Offered by MIT, Could Be Your Perfect Career Move

This free online course in data science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also one of the finest. It is offered via the Institute’s Open Courseware initiative and covers the same subjects as those taught on campus. It is designed for students with little or no data science experience.

Although MIT’s online learning platform has a steeper learning curve than some of the other, more user-friendly alternatives on our list, it offers a multitude of learning resources for those willing to explore. The online computer science course includes a comprehensive collection of lecture videos, as well as assignments, self-assessment tools, and access to further resources.


  • How to use Python
  • How to write and debug a program
  • The process of moving from written problems to a computer formula for solutions
  • Basic algorithms
  • How to use simulations to solve complex problems
  • How to use computational tools for modelling and understanding data

Data Science 101 Offered by Stanford University via edX, A Real Boot Camp In Data Science!

This is a fantastic self-paced course offered by Stanford Online and delivered via the edX platform. It’s one of the best free online computer science courses for novices we’ve seen, since it exposes students to the field with no previous knowledge.

There are no prerequisites for this online computer science course, which requires no previous expertise. Students who are already familiar with most of the aforementioned topics will likely find the course too basic; nonetheless, it is suitable for complete beginners. A certificate of verification is available for $149, although it is not required since the course may be completed entirely for free.


  • All about computers and code and what they can and cannot do
  • How computer hardware works
  • Computer terminology and jargon
  • How software works
  • How digital images work
  • Computer code
  • Big ideas: abstraction, logic, bugs
  • How structured data works

Learn Data Science With The University Of Edinburgh’s Introduction To Data Science, Free Online Course.

The The University of Edinburgh has been at the forefront of educational and research innovation since 1583. They provide free courses in a number of areas, including philosophy, health, animal welfare, and STEM courses, as part of their goal to make learning accessible to all members of the worldwide community.

Have you ever wished you could get into Data Science but didn’t know where to begin? This course will teach you how to understand the discipline and what attributes are needed.


  • Data Science (Big Data)
  • Algorithms
  • Programming Language
  • Scratch (Programming Language)

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