The Best Ivy League Colleges That Offer Free Classes in 2024

Look at these amazing free classes given by Ivy League Colleges!

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There are various options available to those who want to further their education but do not wish to leave their home. There are various free online college courses, and convenience does not always imply low quality. Ivy League colleges such as Harvard, Princeton, the University of Pennsylvania, and Yale all offer free courses on a variety of topics ranging from marketing to crypto currency. Numerous courses are provided on a self-paced basis, and certifications are available for an additional fee. Your course will not be free, since the certification may cost between $50 and $100, but it will be far less expensive than attending a live Harvard lecture.

Consider these fantastic free courses listed here; build your future dreams!

Yale University – The Global Financial Crisis

Professor Andrew is a financial specialist who recalls the Great Recession’s events and their timing with aplomb. Professor Geithner played a critical role in all policy measures, and his time as President of the New York Fed has been universally recognised.

This is an amazing history lesson on the current housing collapse and financial crisis, but it also does a great job of explaining and presenting the fundamental reasons of the global financial crisis as a whole, as well as the specific events that transpired over the multi-year experience.

Harvard University - Science and Technology of Cooking

Chefs and scholars at Harvard University are investigating how ordinary cooking and gourmet cuisine might reveal fundamental chemistry, physics, and engineering principles. Chefs reveal the secrets behind their most recognised culinary masterpieces in each module of this course, usually at their own restaurants.

After being impressed by such culinary prowess, the Harvard team will discuss the physics behind the meal, as well as the scientific concepts that underpin both ordinary cooking and haute cuisine techniques. Additionally, students will learn how to apply physics, engineering, and chemistry ideas to the kitchen, as well as how to think like a chef and a scientist.

Columbia University - Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Complex real-world problems are solved via the use of intelligence applications (AI). This course will provide you a general overview of the fundamental ideas behind the development of intelligent computer systems, as well as how AI may be applied to specific issues.

The history of artificial intelligence, intelligent agents, state-space problem representations, uninformed and heuristic search, game play, logical agents, and constraint satisfaction issues will all be explored.

Creating a simple search agent will provide valuable experience. Linear regression work will serve as an introduction to machine learning, while adversarial search will be studied via the development of a game.

Princeton - Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Technologies

To really appreciate what makes Bitcoin unique, it is necessary to first understand how it operates technologically. This fantastic free course will answer all of your Bitcoin-related worries, including the following:

What is the underlying mechanism of Bitcoin? What makes Bitcoin unique among cryptocurrencies? What safeguards do you put in place for your Bitcoins? What amount of anonymity do Bitcoin users enjoy? What factors affect the price of Bitcoin? Is it feasible to regulate cryptocurrencies? What is ahead for us in the future?

After completing this course, you’ll be equipped to separate reality from fiction when it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. You’ll be able to construct safe software that interacts with the Bitcoin network by using the conceptual underpinnings you’ve learned. Additionally, you’ll be able to incorporate Bitcoin ideas into your own applications.

Pennsylvania University - Crowdfunding

Using data from hundreds of thousands of projects, this course will demonstrate the science underlying successful crowdfunding. You’ll learn about a range of crowdfunding strategies and get specific guidance on what to do (and what not to do) when it comes to crowdsourcing.

Additionally, you’ll get the chance to tour behind-the-scenes with influential industry figures, including Indiegogo’s founder and successful campaign creators, to learn all you need to know about starting a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Choose the best course and maximise your earning potential!

Choosing a course that will benefit you financially after you complete it might be difficult, if not downright puzzling. Numerous individuals have amassed fortunes via start-ups and financial markets, including cryptocurrencies, and selecting the appropriate free online course might be the key to a more prosperous future. If you’re considering starting a Micro-Business or even a Tiny Business, do some study into where your money is going and how obtaining a new skill set would help you accomplish your goals.

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