How to Become a Graphic Designer in 3 Months?

Get A Foot In The Door Of A Graphic Design Career with a 3 Month Free Course, Excellent Salary and High Demand.

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Graphic Design has career options, freelancing opportunities and financial rewards. It is perfect for those who have a love of art and design or just a desire to create. Designers also produce and design visuals for websites, banners, ads, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports, among other print and digital media.

Graphic Designers choose this occupation since it is simpler to make a livelihood in this field than it is to make a living in other similar areas, such as fine art. It all begins with taking a course and building a portfolio which you can then show off to prospective employees. Once you have a few projects under your belt you should be confident enough to find a permanent position or work as a freelancer.

Companies in the media and graphic design industries use computer software to develop visual concepts that convey ideas, brand images, and fascinate their customers. Most organizations need the services of a Graphic Designer, and becoming one is simple if you enrol and complete a thorough course. Fortunately there are many courses to choose from and the majority are free. Look at these great examples below and get the skills you need.

Learn Graphic Design Online by David Underwood, A Comprehensive Course Offered By Coursera

4 modules of lectures | 27 hours of lecture time | David Underwood wrote this article.

This Graphic Design course, taught by David Underwood, is designed to provide you the skills you need to create professional-looking reports, resumes, presentations, and PowerPoints using approaches and practices that have been developed through years of experience.

This course’s four sections will teach you —

Module 1: How to seem motivated and creative in your job.

Module 2: Go through the necessity of using a grid, detecting negative space, and using appropriate margins. The element palette, font, color, pictures, and visual components like as borders, bars, and backgrounds will all be examined.

Module 3: You’ll discover how basic design “tricks” may give your project a confident professional aspect.

Module 4: Finally, learn how to react to criticism and how to utilize it to improve your project.

Fundamentals of Graphic Design Offered By Calarts, Teaches You An Array Of Useful Techniques!

The course, led by Michael Worthington, a member of the California Institute of Arts faculty, will teach you how to use visual, rhythm, and pattern in your design. You’ll also learn how to employ size, direction, texture, weight, and space in your project, as well as image-making strategies and how to build your own series of photos.

This course’s four sections will teach you —

Week 1 — Image-Making Fundamentals – In the first session, the instructor demonstrates how an image may carry both connotative and denotative signals.

Week 2 – Typography Fundamentals – The focus of this week’s lecture is on typographic vocabulary and the fundamentals of typeface design.

Week 3 – Shape and Color Fundamentals – Shapes and colors are the primary building elements of graphic design work. You’ll get a closer look at how they do it in this week’s session.

Week 4 – Composition Fundamentals – The emphasis of this week’s lesson is on how graphic designers employ visual contrasts, cropping, direction, and hierarchy with complicated compositions and single pictures.

Skill Share Offer This Fantastic Free Course On Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design!

Lectures: 9 | Length: 36 minutes | By: Ellen Lupton

Everyone needs to start somewhere, whether they’re fresh to graphic design or a seasoned veteran. In general, this means beginning with the fundamentals, which is what Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles for Visual Design is all about.

This 36-minute session will teach you 5 essential graphic design concepts. Another superb program led by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips will teach you how to apply those fundamental ideas to tasks ranging from creative design to marketing and photography.

This course will teach you —

  • How to identify and define the 5 basic principles of design
  • How to critique your own work looking for balance and effectiveness
  • How you can apply each concept to your future projects

Take On A Free Course In Professional Logo Design with Adobe Illustrator

Lectures: 45 lectures | Length: 2 hours 22 minutes| By: Rawson Uddin

Rawson Uddin’s Professional Logo Design in Adobe Illustrator gives students lifelong access to nearly seven hours of on-demand video courses, as well as a certificate of completion at the conclusion. Because this is an advanced class, the only prerequisite is that you have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator.

Throughout the course, you will learn about a variety of subjects that will assist you in designing your own logo or maybe starting a side company designing logos.

This course will teach you —

  • How to choose the right typeface
  • Using simple shapes in a design
  • Designing with negative space
  • Choosing colors for the logo
  • Adding other effects to your logo design


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