Best Online Marketing Degrees

Online marketing degrees are one of the fastest-growing fields in business because they teach you what it takes to succeed as a top online marketer.

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Skills developed in marketing degrees vary depending on the concentration you choose. Those who delve into degrees in advertising learn how to develop and disseminate ideas that influence public opinion, while marketing management learning how to analyze data in order to strategically plan commercial campaigns.

Anyone Who Is Interested In Online Marketing Degrees Should Consider The Following Factors.

Career Progression

If you are new to the industry, an advanced degree will almost certainly give you a significant boost in your career. You’ll be seen as more experienced and knowledgeable by prospective employers, which can help with promotion opportunities down the road. For those with experience, online marketing degrees can help you advance within your current company or land a promotion. Careers that develop around advanced degrees include senior account managers, strategic planners, and digital marketing managers.

Knowledge of Industry Trends

Degree programs in online marketing are designed to give students the skills they need to excel in the ever-growing field of internet business. It’s important to note, however, that degrees in online marketing are designed around the current industry trends. This means an emphasis on e-commerce and internet business at the expense of brick-and-mortar businesses. If you want to advance your career but focus specifically on traditional business opportunities instead of digital ones, it’s best to pursue a degree that isn’t focused on online marketing.

Career Prospects

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth for those in the field of marketing is expected to increase by 11 percent through 2022 – much faster than other professions. Those who choose an advanced degree over a certification or associate’s program will have greater career prospects and can potentially advance beyond entry-level positions.

Experience Requirements

Degree programs in online marketing typically have a minimum required experience level – usually two to five years – before a student can enroll. If you are a first-time professional entering the industry, this requirement may eliminate your chances of getting into certain programs. On the other hand, those with experience will have a much easier time being accepted into online marketing degree programs. If you meet the minimum experience requirement, it’s a good idea to apply for an advanced degree that will help advance your career further.

Graduation Requirements

Degree programs in online marketing are not just about teaching concepts and theories – they’re also designed to prepare students for careers in the industry after graduation. To do this, most programs require students to complete a practicum or internship in order to graduate. This typically takes place during the early stages of your degree program, usually between the first and second year – but some programs may have an internship requirement throughout the entire degree.


Although online marketing degrees are designed to offer students rigorous study in the field of internet business, not every program is expensive – especially if it doesn’t require a practicum or internship before graduation. Some degree programs may be nearly free and will only charge students nominal fees for textbooks and course materials.


While it varies from program to program, online marketing degree curriculums usually include courses in the following areas: Web technology The history of internet marketing Search engine optimization Social media marketing Email campaigns Digital analytics Conversion optimization Marketing research project management Copywriting.

Kinds Of Online Marketing Degree

You can read here more about Online Marketing Degrees:

Associate degree in Online Marketing

An associate degree is an ideal choice for students who want to enter the field of online marketing but do not have a bachelor’s degree. Those enrolled in online associate’s programs focus on learning core concepts and expanding their knowledge of internet technology, with little emphasis on theory or research methods.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Online Marketing

This is the most common type of online marketing degree program. This program prepares students to begin their careers as entry-level professionals by teaching them the basics of web development and search engine technologies, along with history and theory surrounding the field of online marketing.

Master of Science Degree in Online Marketing

An online master’s degree in marketing is an excellent choice for students who want to advance their careers or seek promotion at work. This type of program provides students with advanced knowledge of internet business and prepares them to become marketing specialists, managers, and executives. Core coursework in this program usually includes the following subjects: Marketing strategy Social media marketing Business research web development

Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Online Marketing

A Doctor of Philosophy program is designed to provide students with a theoretical understanding of internet business, along with practical skills necessary to enter and excel in their careers. Graduates are equipped to function as marketing specialists, managers, and executives – with some even becoming business owners, entrepreneurs, and consultants.

Marketing Degree Specializations

Whether it’s an associate degree or a Master of Science, online marketing degree programs will usually offer students the option to specialize in one or more areas of study within the field. These specializations typically focus on developing advanced skills in highly specific areas of online business, with some examples being search engine development, marketing analytics, and public relations.

Tuition-Free Online Marketing Degrees

Here are some online marketing degree programs that are offered completely tuition-free: American University’s Master of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications, Clarkson University (State College of New York)’s Online Advertising and Social Media Certificate  (a short, 1-course program) Herzing University’s Online Marketing Management Degree  (with an average yearly tuition of $17,000 at most schools) Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)’s Professional and Technical Communication Bachelor’s Degree  (including a free-to-take online course in digital marketing) Washington State University’s Online Master of Business Administration  with a Specialization in Marketing (which you can earn completely online).

In Conclusion

In conclusion when it comes to choosing an online degree when trying to get a better job in the field of internet marketing there are many factors that go into which type of degree is right for you. Do your research and you’ll find a program that best fits your needs.

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