Best Online Language Courses For 2024

Learning A Language Online Is Often More Affordable And Less Stressful Than In Person Courses!

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Learning a Foreign Language is a significant and intriguing project. It’s important to select the best course to assist you along, whether you need it for job, vacation, or simply for enjoyment. However, choosing the proper one for you might be difficult, particularly with so many options available and so many resources to select from.

Courses in Language Learning can assist you in mastering the main skills required for fluency. Some courses concentrate on linguistic building components, such as vocabulary or grammar. Others will provide you with reading, listening, or video content in your target language. Some apps also link you with virtual tutors for varied conversation sessions and interactive training to help you improve your speaking skills.

Language Students in the past were limited to a few materials. They were tough to use on the move, from bulky dictionaries to complex grammar books. While in-person seminars and courses continue to provide significant value to students, they may be costly and time consuming. Online courses, on the other hand, allow you to study whenever you choose and at a considerably cheaper cost. Take a look at these fantastic language courses that are accessible online in 2024.

Babbel Is A Low-Cost Language-Learning Platform Boasting 14 Language Choices!

Babbel is significantly less expensive than its rivals and provides a high quality of instruction suited to your ability level. Users may also take use of a number of other features. The Babbel Live membership includes live virtual courses with an instructor, as well as a free blog and podcast about linguistics from across the globe.

Babbel has two subscription plans: normal Babbel and Babbel Live. When selecting a plan, you first pick a language, followed by a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month membership to Babbel to study that language.


  • Teaches new languages effectively

  • Mobile optimized

  • Curriculum tailored to your expertise and time commitment

Price: $83.40 ($6.95/month) 12 Months

Lingopie Lets You Experience Immersive Language Learning Through TV And Movies

Lingopie is a fun language learning program that allows you to learn a new language by watching TV episodes and movies. If you already love viewing streaming services, it transforms your pastime into an opportunity to improve your language abilities. Native media includes clickable subtitles, allowing you to learn new words in context and then study them as flashcards. LingoPie is certainly worth a look if you’re studying one of the offered languages.

LingoPie offers two membership options, each with a seven-day free trial that enables you to test out the resources to determine whether they’re perfect for you, although you will need to enter card details to begin. You have the option to cancel or stop your plan at any time.


  • Learn via real TV shows and films

  • Review vocabulary in context

  • 7-day free trial

Price: $99 For An Annual Family/Group Subscription

Try Mondly Today For Free And Unlock A New Future With Language Learning!

Mondly is an enjoyable and motivating approach to learn a language. It allows you to learn words and phrases in a game-like environment. You may obtain one free lesson per day or subscribe to study through more modules at your own speed. You might also try practising with a chatbot. While it may not be suitable for more difficult subject, if you’re a busy student seeking for brief bursts of study, Mondly might be a good option.

You may use Mondly for free, or you can pay to unlock all of the app’s features. You will be able to finish the introduction unit, a series of chatbot classes, a daily lesson that is updated every day, as well as a weekly and monthly summary on the free tier.


  • Free tier

  • 41 languages, with app available in 33 languages

  • Feels like a game

Price: $39.99 For 12 Months.

Udemy Is An Online Learning Marketplace Boasting More Than 40 Million Students!

Udemy is a global marketplace that offers both free and paid courses in a variety of areas, including foreign languages, and has over 46 million learners worldwide. Students may learn via interactive quizzes, video, audio, and text lectures. Despite the fact that it is not certified by the Better Business Bureau, the organization offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and allows students to assess their course.

All courses have at least 5 lectures and at least 30 minutes of video material. Udemy also provides a variety of free courses that are a condensed version of its expensive equivalents. You will not, for example, get a certificate of completion or be able to send direct messages to your instructors if you take a free course.


  • Both free and paid courses are offered.

  • Refund policy of 30 days

  • App that offers everything

Prices begin at $19.99.

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