Best Language Learning Platforms In 2024

Language learning platforms are an excellent resource for studying a new language online. Whether you need it for work, travel or just self development, learning a foreign language in 2024 can open up doors to a world of fresh ideas, thoughts and opportunities.

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Learning a foreign language is always a good idea. It’s important though, to select the best course to help you along, whether you need it for job, vacation, or simply for enjoyment. Choosing the right course means looking for a platform that offers modules that are easy to follow, free resources, progress tests and ideally a certificate at the end that is universally recognized.

Language learning platforms can assist you in mastering the main skills required for fluency. Some courses concentrate on linguistic building components, such as vocabulary or grammar. Others will provide you with reading, listening, or video content in your target language. Some apps also link you with virtual tutors for varied conversation sessions and interactive training to help you improve your speaking skills.

Online language courses allow you to study whenever you choose and at a considerably cheaper cost than in person lessons. Generally it takes around 3 years to learn a language when you study for three hours per week. Though many language platforms can help you learn a language in just one year, should you be prepared to put in the necessary time and effort. Check out these fantastic language platforms leading the way in 2024 and broaden your horizons.

Online Learning Marketplace Udemy, Boasts More Than 40 Million Students with Recognized Certification

Udemy is a global marketplace that provides both free and paid courses in a number of subjects, including foreign languages, and has more than 46 million students worldwide. Students may gain knowledge via interactive quizzes, video, audio, and text lectures. Despite not being accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the company provides a 30-day money-back guarantee and allows students to evaluate their course.

All courses include at least five lectures and thirty minutes of video content. Udemy also offers several free courses that are reduced versions of their paid counterparts. When  you enroll in a free course, you do not get a certificate of completion. nor are you able to send your teachers direct messages.

Platform benefits:

  • Both free and paid courses are offered.

  • Refund policy of 30 days

  • App that offers everything

Price: from $19.99 a month for paid comprehensive certified courses

Students in 2024 Choose Babbel, an Affordable Language Learning Platform with 14 Language Choices

Babbel is substantially less costly than its competitors and delivers high-quality, skill-appropriate education. In addition to language in use activities and entertaining learning films, users get access to a variety of additional extensive services. A Babbel live subscription provides live lessons with an online teacher, in addition to a free linguistics blog and podcast from across the world.

There are two subscription types for Babbel: regular Babbel and Babbel live. You choose a language first, followed by a 1-, 3-, 6-, or 12-month Babbel membership when picking a plan. Additionally, they give credentials for their courses, which are gradually becoming accepted by employers.

Platform benefits:

  • Teaches new languages effectively

  • Mobile optimized

  • Curriculum tailored to your expertise and time commitment

Price: $85 for 12 Months

Lingopie Helps Students Learn New Languages in a Fun Way, Through TV and Movies

Lingopie is an application that enables you to learn a new language by viewing TV shows and movies. If you are already a fan of streaming services, you may use them to enhance your language skills. The subtitles in native media are clickable, enabling you to learn new terms in context and subsequently review them using flashcards.

LingoPie is worth a look if you are learning one of the available languages. There are two membership choices, each with a seven-day free trial that allows you to try out the resources to discover whether they’re perfect for you; however, you must provide your credit card information to begin. You may cancel or terminate your membership at any time.

Platform benefits:

  • Learn via real TV shows and films

  • Review vocabulary in context

  • 7-day free trial

Price: $99 for 12 months

Try Mondly in 2024 for Free, a Comprehensive Language Learning Platform for All Ages

Mondly is a stimulating and entertaining method for learning a language. Words and phrases may be learned in a game-like environment. You may acquire one free lesson each day, or you can pay to access more modules at your own pace. Additionally, you may practice with a chat bot. If you are a busy student seeking short study sessions, Mondly may be a decent solution. However, it may not be appropriate for more challenging subjects.

You may use Mondly for free, or you may pay to have access to all of its features. On the free tier, you will be able to complete the introductory unit, a series of chat-bot lessons, a lesson that is updated daily, and a weekly and monthly summary. This is platform is a great resource for language learning and is incredibly affordable for people on a tight budget.

Platform benefits:

  • Free tier

  • 41 languages, with app available in 33 languages

  • Feels like a game

Price: $39.99 for 12 Months

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