Best 2023 Online Degrees Based On Starting Salary

Are you looking to acquire a degree and land your dream job without worrying about your background knowledge in that field? Perhaps you have the intention of switching your career without prior knowledge in that field. Whatever the case, you can chase your dreams without going back to traditional school! The majority of paying jobs only require you to be equipped with a certain skill set, which can be acquired via the internet without experiencing 4 long years in front of the chalkboard… Let’s talk more about it below!

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Furthermore, considering the wide range of opportunities, it would be more practicable to prepare yourself for a versatile career in any field of your choice. In this vast and ever-changing digital world, people are open to the possibility of securing their dream job without acquiring a ton of experience or a four-year degree. Thinking about the possibility, there are a lot of people who end up landing their dream job without prior knowledge in that field.

Ultimately, you may be wondering “how can I get a job without the usual on-campus program?”. Well, technological advancements have made things very easy with the use of the internet. Virtual learning has been open for people of various ages and statuses. With virtual learning, you can acquire degrees associated with well-paying jobs. Kindly stick around till the end to discover the best online degrees in 2022 based on starting salary.

Best 2022 Online Degrees Based On Starting Salary

There are a plethora of degrees with good salaries. The top-paying online programs span a broad range of career sectors. If you dig into it, you would get your head spinning. Head spinning yet? Right! To help you sift through the numerous degrees, we have curated a list of the best 2022 online degrees based on starting salary.

Electrical engineering technology

Business Administration

Human Resources Management.

Electrical engineering technology

If you have an interest in mathematics and physical sciences, you can pursue a career in electrical engineering. It is a high-paying degree that prepares students in all aspects and levels of technological development of electricity. It is one of the best online courses for people who want to apply engineering principles to hands-on projects. The average annual salary for electrical engineers is $73,544.

Business Administration

Are you looking forward to acquiring an internationally recognised degree in business management? Well, you should probably consider going for an MBA degree especially if you are looking forward to developing a purpose-driven outlook on your career. This degree will provide a broad knowledge of how business functions while developing leadership and decision-making skills. The average annual salary ranges from $65,175 to $173,000 depending on your status.

Human Resources Management

This is one of the best online degrees with a high paying job. It provides you with management skills to effectively recruit, retain, and motivate employees and maximise their performance. You will explore a myriad of issues related to labour relations, employee satisfaction, and occupational safety. Additionally, you can acquire professional certification to increase your odds of landing a job. The average annual salary ranges from $65,070 to $87,274 depending on your status.


Virtual degrees help you acquire fieldwork experience as well as format flexibility as those moving towards a professional career. With this, just anyone can acquire and pursue their dream. These degrees give you the opportunity to acquire a good job with a good starting salary.

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