Albert, What Are The Top 10 Reasons a Master Cyber Security Degree is Worth It?

A cyber security personnel works to protect a business’s computer network against hacking. In the world we live in today, hacking has become increasingly widespread and this has created a rise in the need of cyber security personnel to combat the menace of cybercrimes.

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A lot of companies have begun to hire the services of cyber security professionals. Not all this work is entry-level though, you’ll need advanced skill in cyber security to be able to apply for some of them. Of course, the higher your skill, the more difficult your tasks will be and the more money you take home. In the light of this, the following are reasons why you should take an advanced master’s degree in cyber security.

1. There’s a Rapid Increase in the Demand For Cyber Security Professionals
Due to the rapid increase in the rate of cybercrimes, no company is safe any longer. This has opened up a lot of job opportunities for those skilled in cyber security. Since cyber security can be done remotely, you can even end up working for more than one company. There is currently a shortage in cyber security personnel available to fight cybercrimes and this shortage is projected to become worse. Pursuing a career in cyber security is therefore equal to job security for you.

2. Cyber Security Opens Up Travel Opportunities
Job opportunities for cyber security experts abound both home and abroad. Several industries all over the world are in need of the skills of cyber security professionals. As an expert in this field, you can travel to different parts of the world to offer your services in various corporations.

3. Cyber Security Offers You the Satisfaction of Doing Good
As a cyber security professional, you’ll work as a kind of super hero, protecting companies from villainous hacker. This breeds a sense of doing something for the greater good and making the world a better place to live in. Just as police officers keep bad guys off the streets, you will be keeping bad guys off the computer networks of industries.

4. You Can Work in Almost Any Sector
Information technology is becoming an integral part of all career sectors. This means that businesses in all sectors of the economy from finance to engineering to fashion will become more and more dependent on the skills of a cyber security professional. A career in cyber security gives you the flexibility to work in whatever sector you would like to work in.

5. You Can Earn a Very Good Salary
The average entry-level cyber security personnel makes up to $49,000 annually. Taking a master’s degree in cyber security can get you a job that pays up to $150,000 yearly. Salaries for cyber security personnel are also projected to rise even faster than those of other job markets. A master’s degree in any field is bound to help you get higher paying jobs and cyber security is no exception.

6. There Are a Lot of Opportunities to Climb Up The Career Ladder
Not only will earning a master’s degree help you make more money, it also opens up the door for better job opportunities. A master’s degree helps sharpen your skill in the cyber security field. About 20 percent of cyber security job openings require a master’s degree according to reports. Getting a master’s degree only makes you more competent which makes you more employable.

7. There’s Always Something New to Learn
As technology evolves, new methods of committing cybercrimes are discovered. To stop the bad guys, cyber security professionals also have to keep learning. As a cyber security expert, your skill set continues to improve the longer you stay on the job.

8. Job Satisfaction
Several surveys have proven that a lot of workers in the cyber security sector are satisfied with their jobs. This is to be expected as the work is not only financially rewarding but also interesting. The work evolves daily and therefore never gets too boring. The fact that you’ll also be helping to make a difference in the world also helps to create a sense of satisfaction at the end of every work day.

9. There Are Several Flexible Degree Programs to Choose From
Several colleges and universities give you the option of either hybrid or fully online cyber security programs. This means you can juggle getting a degree with your full-time job. This also makes it easy for you to learn from schools of your choice without worrying about travelling to access the education.

10. You’ll Learn More Than Just Cyber Security Skills
While earning your degree in cyber security, you’ll have to take business management and leadership training courses. This helps you develop other skills that might be of use in your day to day activities or in the business world.

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