Albert, What Are The Best Online Psychology Degrees for 2024?

Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate choices. Psychology studies humans and how they interact with one another. Below are the best schools where you can get a bachelor’s degree in psychology online.

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1. University of Florida
The University of Florida offers a bachelor’s in psychology with a 120 credit curriculum. There are quite a number of finishing options available to choose from, including the choice to further in community work or clinical research. Over 75% of graduates from the University of Florida find gainful employment in less than a year after their graduation. The University has a framework in place to help prepare their students for entering the labour market. You can expect to spend an average of $11,000 dollars in tuition to get your psychology degree.

2. University of Central Florida
The University of Central Florida also offers a 120 credit curriculum and gives students the option to specialize in six different psychology fields. The program runs asynchronously so you have the option to either go fast or slow depending on your preference. Over 50% of UCF’s student get employment shortly after graduation and the school has a career services program which assists students in their hunt for jobs. This program provides the assistance of a CV review as well as mock interviews to prepare students for the real deal.

3. Letourneau University
If you plan to go into the fields of psychological or health research, then Letourneau is going to be very good for you. You should note however that you will be required to take four courses in the beliefs and doctrines of Christianity. The University has a career services website where students can receive assistance on career path research and even job search help. There are three different scholarships which online students can try to take advantage of. The average net price for schooling here is around $23,000 dollars.

4. Keister University
Keiser’s 120 grade curriculum can be fully completed online. The University’s psychology degree includes four areas of specialisation including human services and health care and fitness. Keiser University records one of the highest graduate employment rates with 90% of their graduates getting jobs within a year of graduation. This is made possible by the high importance places on training students on resume writing, job interviews and other career services. You can expect to pay around $27,000 for your psychology degree.

5. Maryville University
Maryville’s asynchronous curriculum grants students the ability to complete their program within two years. Students are also required to go through a research course that prepares them for a post graduate degree. The University has a placement rate of approximately 94%. Tuition is around $27,000.

6. University of Arizona
The University of Arizona’s psychology program offers a flexible curriculum with a focus on the understanding of the mind and the brain. Six different areas of specialisation are available for students to choose from. Students in their finals can choose to either complete a minor or go into a psychology subfield. Like other universities on this list, the University of Arizona has a strong career services websites to help graduates in their future careers. Average net price for this university is $15,500.

7. Bay Path University
Bay Path University is one of the best schools you can warn your psychology degree. This university however offers bachelor’s degree programs to women only. Their bachelor’s in psychology program is based off a 120 credit program and offers specialisations in abnormal psychology among others. You will be required to complete a seminar in your finals where you will have to create a professional portfolio. Graduates have access to exclusive job offers through the school’s career network. Expect to pay an average net price of $21,000.

8. The University of Memphis
This University allows you to transfer in from another college to earn your degree. The bachelor’s degree in psychology program allows you to choose from three major disciplines, cognitive science, general psychology and behavioral neuroscience. The school has an online scholarship manager to help students find and apply for scholarships. The University of Memphis is one of the most affordable on this list with an average net price of $13,000.

9. Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Saint Mary’s offers a flexible 43 credit online bachelor’s degree psychology program. This program allows students choose from three major psychology disciplines. The school gives it’s graduates the opportunity of one-on-one career counselling. The average tuition price is $16,000.

10. The New School
The New School’s flexible online psychology degree program is a great choice for workers who want to get their first or additional degree. You have the opportunity to transfer up to 84 credits from a previous degree and this makes the school perfect for those with an associate degree. Online students can also tap into the various career services made available on the school’s website. The New School is one of the priciest on the list. Average tuition is $49,000.

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