Albert, What Are The Best Online Associate Degree Programs in 2024?

An associate degree program helps you gain skills that are needed professionally. This gives you an edge in the pursuit of your career. Associate degree programs generally take around two years to complete and are offered by a lot of colleges and universities.

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Depending on your reasons for taking an associate degree, it may help to usher you into a proper four year degree or prepare you for a future job. Having an associate degree can mean bigger wages for you at your place of work. An online associate degree program is more flexible than a regular one and is extremely useful for you if you have a day job.

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The following are the best online associate degree programs to consider in 2024

1. Accounting
Accounting is a business program and some schools allow you to choose a specific kind of accounting to focus on. Pursuing an associate degree in accounting can help you snag positions such as accounting assistant and clerk.

2. Business Administration
You’ll find a business administration degree useful no matter what field you find yourself after. An associate program in this field will help you acquire skills that are needed to maximise productivity in the business space, making you an asset for any organisation.

3. Computer Science
Computer science is a broad field and you’ll be able to streamline your program based on your interests. You could decide to delve into the world of programmes and programming languages or cyber security could be your thing. There are also the realms of web and app development to be considered under this program.

4. Education
If you’ve got a flair for teaching, then education might be for you. Although an associate degree isn’t enough qualifications to become a k-12 teacher, it can serve as a launch pad for you to gain a teacher’s licence after your bachelor degree. An associate degree in education is sufficient if your passion is to teach preschool students.

5. Electrical Engineering
Electrical engineering skills will open up a lot of career opportunities for you. There are several industries where the skills of a certified electrician are important. These skills can also come in handy if your dream is to set up and run your own shop.

6. Engineering
An associate degree in engineering sets you on the right track to achieving a bachelor’s degree and then licensure in engineering. This program usually involves teachings on practical uses of technology, including computer aided design and safety and quality standards. An associate degree in an engineering field can help you become a technician or engineers assistant and you’ll have to further your education to become a licensed engineer.

7. Fashion
A degree in fashion makes several career paths open to you. You may decide to go into tailoring, textile design or even production of clothing. You’ll learn valuable skills such as colours, textures and even how to run a business. This associate degree program will make you attractive to clothing store owners and can even help you open up your own store or clothing brand.

8. Graphic Design
Graphic design involves the creation of visual content that is expected to be pleasing to the eyes of viewers. An associate degree in this field grooms you on the use of digital tools to mix and match colours and patterns to communicate information. All businesses need the services of a graphic designer and your knowledge can help you secure a job or even help you strike out as a freelancer.

9. Information Technology
The entire world is beginning to look towards IT as a solution to everyday problems. Businesses rely more and more on the advances of information technology. An associate degree in IT automatically increases your marketability. Your skills can be useful to companies in fields such as network security, database management and even web development.

10. Marketing
All businesses try to persuade customers to pay for a product or service. The skills needed to do this can be acquired through an associate program in marketing. The psychology behind handling people, how to understand the behaviour of people and how to connect with an audience are skills that can be acquired here.

11. Paralegal
A paralegal isn’t a lawyer, but one who assists a lawyer in getting the job done. If you have a fancy for the world of litigations and other legal jargons but are not ready to strike out and attend law school, this might be for you.

12. Pharmacy
An associate degree in pharmacy doesn’t help you become a pharmacist. You’ll be better off doing a pre-pharmacy program if that is your end goal. If you’d like to assist a licensed pharmacist in the capacity of a technician, this is for you. As a technician, you’ll need to fill out prescriptions or keep inventory of drugs for a drug supplier.

Getting enrolled in an online associate degree program is still super relevant in 2024. There are several jobs that require an associate degree that pay decent salaries and it can also help you in getting a bachelor’s degree later down the line.

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