Albert, How Can i Earn a Doctoral Degree Online Fast?

PhD is short for Doctor of Philosophy. When most people think of a doctorate degree, they think of a PhD. A PhD is however only one of several types of doctorate degrees. A few other examples of doctorate degrees are Doctor of Education (EdD), Doctor of Social Work (DSW), Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Nursing (DNP) and Doctor o

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A PhD program often requires you to complete a research paper on your chosen area of study. A dissertation can take as much as 2 years to complete, thereby lengthening the process of acquiring your doctorate degree. The existence of other professional doctorate degrees that can be completed without doing a dissertation (thesis) can be exploited in a bid to finish the doctorate program as fast as is possible.

Another way to get your doctoral degree in the shortest time possible is to seek out universities offering programs with fewer credit hours. The fewer credit hours needed to complete a doctorate program, the faster you can complete that program.
Although no University advertises 1 year doctorate degrees, it’s possible to find a program that requires just 30 credit hours which can be completed in a year as long as there’s is no thesis required.

Some universities also offer accelerated online doctorate programs which can be completed in half the time it takes to complete.
These time saving measures can be combined to get a program that has very few credit units in a university with an accelerated online program that doesn’t require the completion of a thesis.

Online Doctoral Programs Without Dissertation

Writing a dissertation can be a difficult and time consuming task. A dissertation often requires over a year of hard work to complete. One of the best ways to complete a doctorate degree fast is to go for a program that doesn’t require a dissertation. These programs have grown to become increasingly popular. A few of these degree programs are outlined below.
1. Business Administration
A Doctor of Business Administration degree is the highest academic qualification in the world of business. There are several Doctor of Business Administration degree programs available in different sectors including marketing, entrepreneurship and homeland security which do not require a dissertation. An online doctorate in any of these programs can be of great help to you in your business career.
2. Information Technology
A doctoral degree in information technology gives you the skills and qualifications for managerial positions in IT firms. You can do a online Doctor of Information Technology program or a Doctor of Business Administration program in Information Systems Management. Both of these can be done without the requirement of a thesis.
3. Criminal Justice
A doctorate degree can be warned in criminal Justice by doing one of the following.
● Doctor of Criminal Justice (DCJ)
● Doctor of Psychology in Criminal Justice
● Doctor of Business Administration in Criminal Justice
● Doctor of Management in Criminal Justice
As these are professional doctorate degree programs, it’s possible to complete them without doing a thesis.
4. Education
An increasing number of universities now offer online doctoral degrees in education without the need for dissertation. This gives people with a passion for education the ability to complete their doctoral program fast. It still isn’t possible to get a PhD in education without completing a dissertation. You can however go the route of a Doctor of Education (EdD) program which gives you practical classroom skills.
5. Nursing Practice
Several universities offer Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees. These degree programs have some of the lowest credit hours requirements, often lower than 36 credit hours. This means it’s possible to speed through the program and get your doctorate in less than 2 years.

Shortest Online Doctoral Programs

Below is a list of 10 universities with the shortest doctorate degree programs.
1. Frontier Nursing University
Doctor of Nursing Practice (Online) – 28 credit hours
2. University of North Dakota
PhD in Nursing (Online) – 30 credit hours
3. Colorado Christian University
Doctor of Nursing Practice (Online) – 30 credit hours (MSN to DNP)
4. Concordia University Chicago
PhD in Leadership – Gerontology (Online) – 30 credit hours
PhD in Leadership – Health & Human Performance (Online) – 30
5. Liberty University
Doctor of Ministry (Online) – 30 credit hours
6. Hampton University
Doctor of Nursing Practice (Online) – 33 credit hours
7. Seton Hall University
Doctor of Nursing Practice (Online) – 31 (MSN)
8. Boston University
Doctor of Occupational Therapy (Online) – 33 to 37 credit hours
9. Regent University
Doctor of Ministry in Christian Leadership & Renewal (Online) – 36
10. University at Buffalo
DNP in Child Health Nurse Practitioner (Online) – 36 credit hours
DNP in Family Nurse Practitioner (Online) – 36 credit hours
DNP in Nurse Anesthesia (Online) – 36 credit hours

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