Unbelievable Discounts on Lift Chairs – Find the Best Deals Near You!

Looking to buy a new lift chair but don’t want to break the bank? With the holiday sales in full swing, now is the time to find unbelievable discounts on electric lift chairs for seniors and people with limited mobility. Keep reading to learn insider tips on scoring the best deals on quality lift recliners near you.

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Know Where to Look for Deals

Compare Prices at Local Retailers Don’t limit your search to big box stores. Check lesser-known local retailers for lift chairs at clearance prices. Smaller stores often discount prices to compete with giants like Walmart and Costco. Call around or visit shops in your area to compare prices on floor models and discontinued styles. With some persistence, you can likely find a high-quality lift recliner chair well below retail.

Check Online Listings Browse free online classifieds like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace to uncover generously discounted lift chairs in your vicinity. Many seniors opt to sell their gently used lift recliners after upgrading to a newer model. If you’re willing to purchase second-hand, you can get an almost new electric lift chair for a fraction of the original price. Just be sure to test it first and check for signs of wear and tear.

Wait for Holiday Sales The best time to buy a lift chair on sale is during major holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, and Christmas. Retailers tends to offer the biggest discounts on lift recliners during these seasonal sales. Create price alerts and check ads frequently for rock-bottom prices on electric lift chairs around these holidays. With the right timing, you could save hundreds on the lift chair model you want.

Shop Smart to Maximize Savings Stack Discounts and Rewards Maximize your savings by stacking store discounts and rewards program perks. Sign up for free loyalty programs to earn points and qualify for special member-only deals. Look for additional savings like military discounts, senior discounts, or coupon codes you can apply at checkout for extra savings. With stacked discounts, you can slash over 50% off the full price of a lift recliner.

Buy Floor Models

Ask sales associates if they have any floor model or display lift chairs for sale. Stores will often sell display recliners at a steep discount just to get them off the sales floor. These chairs have been sat in but are technically brand new. As long as you’re comfortable with a few people having tested it out, a floor model is a great way to get a major discount on a lift chair.

Comparison Shop Online Use price comparison sites to find the best deals online. Tools like Google Shopping allow you to quickly view prices for the same lift chair across retailers. Sort by price to see who has the lowest price and factor in things like taxes, shipping costs, and return policies. Comparing prices makes it easy to identify the retailer offering the rock-bottom price on the model you want.

Negotiate with Retailers If you don’t see a great sale price, don’t be afraid to negotiate! Many retailers are willing to bargain on lift chairs, especially floor models or last year’s designs. Politely ask if there is any wiggle room on the price. Offer to pay in cash or ask if they can match a competitor’s lower price. With some creative negotiating, you may be able to talk them down an extra 10-20%.

Focus on Quality and Comfort

Try Before You Buy If possible, visit a store in person to test out lift chairs prior to purchasing. Lower prices are great, but comfort is key when you’ll be sitting in the chair daily. Try out different models to find the right size, padding, and recline angle to suit your needs. Being able to personally assess the chair is worthwhile, even if you end up ordering online for the best deal.

Prioritize Adjustable Features The ability to customize the chair to your needs is crucial. Look for lift chairs with adjustable heat, massage, and recline settings so you can tweak the position for optimal comfort. Make sure the controller is easy to reach and simple to operate as well. The more adjustable features available, the better long-term comfort you’ll experience.

Consider Ergonomic Design See how the lift chair is contoured and padded, specifically in the lumbar region. Ergonomic designs with extra back support can prevent soreness or pain when sitting for extended periods. Try out the leg rest extension and make sure your knees are properly supported when fully reclined too. The right ergonomics can take pressure off joints and muscles.

Don’t Sacrifice Durability Inspect the lift chair’s framework, looking for a sturdy steel base and durable upholstery fabric. Lift chairs must support repeated raising and reclining over years of daily use. Ensure the model you choose is well-constructed from quality materials to promote longevity. Cheaper chairs may wear out faster, so focus on durability.

Read Reviews and Ask for Guidance

Research Online Reviews Check online reviews to learn about others’ experiences with certain lift chair models and brands. Look at factors like ease of assembly, quality of materials, comfort, and durability over years of use. Customer reviews can reveal potential issues to be aware of or highlight especially recommended models.

Ask Sales Associates for Help Don’t hesitate to pick the brains of knowledgeable sales associates. Explain your mobility limitations, size considerations, and feature preferences. Seasoned staff can point you towards ideal lift chair models and share tips to ensure you make the best choice. Their experience can prove invaluable during your search.

Learn Proper Care and Maintenance Be sure to understand the recommended care guidelines for your new lift chair. Follow instructions to keep the lifting mechanism operating smoothly. Use removable, washable seat covers to simplify cleaning. With proper maintenance and care, your lift chair can provide many years of reliable performance.


With a bit of persistence and smart shopping, finding fantastic discounts on lift chairs is totally achievable. Tap into seasonal sales, stacked savings, floor models, negotiating tactics, and online deals to maximize value. Prioritize trying chairs in person for fit and comfort. Do your research on quality and durability when comparing brands and models. Investing the time upfront will ensure you select the ideal lift chair for your needs while still scoring an unbelievable deal. Enjoy the search and relaxation ahead!

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