The Best Internet Deals For Seniors

Stay in touch with family and friends with an Internet Plan targeted to your needs. Senior plans could be free!

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For elders, the internet is a valuable resource. It allows you to stay safe, pay bills, purchase groceries, and manage your money without leaving your home. It’s also a great way to communicate with friends and family, particularly during a pandemic. Fortunately, there are several internet plans and prices tailored exclusively for elders with fast and stable connection and using the most modern technology on the market.

The Affordable Connectivity Program

There are several government initiatives available to assist individuals in obtaining inexpensive internet connection. Depending on your circumstances, you may be eligible for many of these programs. However you will first need to have a provider install your router and connect to your internet provider.

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) assists low-income households in affording an internet connection by subsidizing their internet service. The ACP pays between $30 and $75 per month toward a household’s internet bill. The reduction in your bill along side some of the amazing offers by participating internet providers mean that it has never been cheaper or simpler for the Seniors to get connected.

Get the best deal with when you sign up with Xfinity!

Choose from a range of fast, reliable Internet speeds to fit your needs, with Flex 4K streaming TV box, free and Stay connected on the go with over 20 million secure WiFi hotspots nationwide. Xfinity app to get 24/7 real-time support, view your plan details, change or upgrade your service, pay your bill, and optimize your connection all for just $19.99 per month!

As part of their ongoing commitment to keeping you connected, Xfinity is proud to participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), which provides eligible households a credit of up to $30/month towards your Internet and mobile services. They are making it simple for both new and existing customers to apply this credit towards Xfinity Internet, Internet Essentials and Xfinity Mobile services.

Stay connected! Take advantage of Free Internet with Suddenlink!

Your favorite shows and streaming apps all in one device. FREE with 1 Gig internet at $49 per month. If you are eligible for the ACP – Affordable Connectivity Program, this fee will be reduced to just $19.99 per month! Suddenlink provides the fastest speed available in select areas and has options tailored to the needs of the Senior consumer.

Suddenlink is dedicated to helping their communities stay connected affordably. They are proud to now participate in the Federal Government’s Affordable Connectivity Program. If you qualify, and depending on the speed you choose, your Suddenlink Internet service could be FREE with this $30 monthly credit!

Optimum – Super-fast, reliable internet with Smart WiFi 6!

Get a free WiFi extender that will cover your whole house better, not to mention the One smart mesh network that will connect all of your devices allowing you the freedom to jump from your Smartphone to your PC or Laptop to watch your shows., stream content or simply stay in touch with your family and friends with your favourite apps. Optimum provides better and faster WiFi service than most of its competitors.

Get Smart WiFi 6, now with a WiFi extender that comes with some Internet plans for free.

Everything you need to keep up to date with your loved ones and the world around you. With 1 Gig of internet at $49 a month, you can get it for no extra charge. Because of the ACP – Affordable Connectivity Program, this fee will be just $19.99 a month for people who qualify for it. Optimum has the fastest speed available in some areas, and it has options that are better for older people.

Optimum wants to help their communities stay connected cheaply. They are happy to be part of the Affordable Connectivity Program, which is run by the federal government. With this $30 per month credit, you could get your Optimum Internet service for free, depending on the speed you choose.

Stay in touch with your loved ones, an Internet Connection will let you do that, get a deal in place today!

It’s easy to get a good, free email service, like Gmail or Outlook. If you go to these sites, they will show you how to set up an account and a password.


Create a free account, you can use it to find people you know and connect with them. It also has tools to help you find them and acts like a scrap book of your life. Add pictures, stories, events or buy and sell locally.

YouTube is one of the most popular places on the internet to watch videos that aren’t on TV. All kinds of things can be put on YouTube, from professional TV shows to home movies and more. To watch YouTube, you don’t need an account.

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