The Best and Most Affordable Lawn Care Services

Choose one of these fantastic offers on Lawn Care Services near you, get your green space ready for the spring break!

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As a homeowner, you probably spend almost four hours a week on yard work and mow your lawn 30 times a year. And while you may not realize it, your lawn pays you back for all this hard work. It serves as a giant air conditioner to help cool your home, releasing a tremendous amount of oxygen, capturing dirt and dust to help keep you and your family healthy. It gives you a place to play backyard games and enjoy a social get together in those Summer months.

The healthier your lawn is, the better it will serve your families needs. If you are in that percent of the population that really doesn’t have the time to to tend to your lawn or you are just not the green fingered type, then affordable help is on hand! Look at these fantastic offers near you, and get that green space ready for guests.

TruGreen – Professionals in Lawn Care and Landscaping.

This Lawn and Landscaping company is the largest lawn care concern in the United States. Due to their scale, they have access to resources that smaller businesses do not. They also boast a team of Ph.D. agronomists who collaborate with local specialists in your region, familiar with the climate and soil conditions to provide you with an excellent, customized service. In 2015, TruGreen combined with Scotts LawnService, another lawn care industry giant.

TruGreen has a great reputation and is a subscription-based service. There is no obligation to continue, and you may cancel at any time. You may prepay and sign up for a year’s worth of lawn care and upkeep. Keep in mind, though, that the membership automatically renews, so make a note in your calendar to cancel if you don’t want to be charged for another year.

The Lawn Doctor's – All-or-Nothing Promise – If you are not completely happy, we’ll try again or refund your cost!

Lawn Doctor has expanded throughout the United States via franchising. It has now grown nationwide working with individual proprietors. They provide a broad variety of lawn and landscaping services all year round. They offer services that may be customized as well as an all-or-nothing guarantee: If you’re not happy with their services, they’ll come back and try again, or they’ll refund the whole cost of a service to your account. Lawn Doctor franchisees are locally owned and supported by the company’s headquarters.

You may pick and choose the services you want, or you can sign up for one of their yearly service plans. If you want a long-term solution, Lawn Doctor offers lawn care and pest control services all year round. Fertilization, power seeding, mosquito and tick treatment, lime, weed control, aeration, tree and shrub care, pest control are just some of the applications they offer.

Weed Man USA – World’s leading lawn care company on your door step!

Weed Man was founded in Canada and has developed rapidly via franchising. Canada, North America, and the United Kingdom are now served. They are the world’s leading lawn care and landscaping company. Weed Man participates in the EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program, which encourages responsible pest control techniques, in collaboration with the EPA. Environmentally friendly alternatives are promoted by Weed Man.

This growing empire’s reputation is built on the success of its franchises and the ecologically friendly methods that are included into their services. Weed man provides a wide range of services, including weed management, fertilization, planting, lime, disease treatment, and mole control, among others. Like most Lawn service providers, you may earn incentives and discounts on your yearly subscription by referring friends.

The Davey Tree Expert Company – Affordable Lawn and Tree Care Services.

This is a company that specializes in tree removal. Since 1880, Davey has been a part of the community. While they specialize in tree care, many of their services include lawn care. They have Certified Arborists from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) on their books, making sure you have the best horticultural advice. Overcrowding or not pruning your trees can lead to an unhealthy lawn or irritated neighbors.

Davey specializes in holistic landscaping, which means they provide services such as tree maintenance, lawn upkeep, garden utilities and environmental coaching. They do however, focus on and take pleasure in being tree specialists, performing lawn care with the health of trees in mind. Davey was created in the 19th century by John Davey, a pioneering tree specialist. Fertilization, aeration, insect control, over-seeding, and disease management are among Davey’s lawn care services. You have the option of selecting one of the aforementioned services or receiving a full yearly green audit. They also make free weed inspection visits to your home and offer a year-round service.

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