T-Mobile Deals For Seniors

This Black Friday, Cyber Monday and throughout the Winter holidays, senior folk can enjoy a range of discounts from T-Mobile. Boasting the latest in smartphones and super value plans with tons of data to dine on, Seniors need to hurry while stocks last.

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T-5G Mobile’s network is the largest and fastest-growing in the United States for a reason. The T-plans Mobile provide faster internet speeds, superior coverage, and exceptional customer service. T-affordable Mobile’s smartphone plans are suitable for seniors aged 55 and over. The more tech-savvy are already signing up for Winter holiday bargain plans that give excellent value for money, and are especially outstanding in terms of the quantity of free data, phone upgrade choices, and other goodies.

Existing customers may switch online to T- Mobile’s 55+ Plans. It is really rather easy. Log in with your T-Mobile ID to modify your plan, upgrade your phone, or even purchase a new phone. When you are uncertain about how to set up your new phone, T-Mobile customer care is accessible via phone to assist you.

Choosing a T-Mobile 55+ package that meets your needs depends on your specific needs. Since the majority of mobile phone service providers now provide unlimited minutes and texts, you should concentrate on data restrictions, streaming quality, and any free subscriptions, such as Netflix. Continue reading to compare bundles from T-Mobile that include the greatest phones, copious amounts of data, and free streaming channels.

T-Mobile's Basic Plan is Popular Among Seniors Due to Its Affordability and Outstanding Features

The senior plan from T-basic Mobile is a good choice for budget-conscious, fixed-income seniors. The Essentials 55+ plan is far less costly than equivalent AT&T rates, which begin at $60 per line, at $40 per month for a single line and $55 per month for two lines.

The Essentials 55+ plan, like other T-Mobile 55+ plans, provides unlimited talk, text, and data, and include 3 months free of Netflix so you can watch films, communicate with your friends and grandkids all day. After using 50 GB of data per month with this plan, you may experience slower speeds during times of heavy traffic. If you are a light Internet user, you should be OK with 50 GB a month anyway.


  • Unlimited talk, text, and 5G data

  • SD streaming

  • Mobile hotspot data (3G)

Price: $40 per month

The Senior Magenta 55+ Plan Is The Perfect Choice For Frequent Flyers and Travelers

On the Magenta 55+ plan, a single line costs $50 per month, while two lines cost $70 per month. Each extra line beyond two costs an additional $35 per month. This plan supports up to four lines.In addition to unlimited talk, text, and data, the Magenta 55+ plan includes unlimited voice minutes, text messages, and data.

T-Mobile also offers 5 GB of mobile hotspot access, 5 GB of 4G data in Mexico and Canada, and one hour of in-flight Wi-Fi. In addition, you will get access to unlimited texting and data in more than 210 countries and regions. These qualities are perfect for seniors who are mobile and regular travelers.


  • Unlimited talk, text, and 5G data

  • Free Scam Shield caller ID

  • Mobile hotspot data (5 GB of 4G LTE)

  • 5 GB data in Canada and Mexico (4G)

  • Gogo In-Flight: unlimited texting and one hour of in-flight Wi-Fi

  • Data and texting abroad (2G)

Price: $50 per month, 20% discount with a Black Friday deal Smartphone bundle

The REVVL V+ 5GA Boasts a Large Screen, Ergonomic Keyboard and Hearing Aid Compatibility Function

The REVVL mobile series may compete with iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones designed for older citizens. The REVVL V+ 5G is one of T-budget-friendly Mobile’s mobile phone options, providing good technology and storage space (64 GB) for a low price. Seniors are welcome to get one for free this Christmas season when they trade in a qualifying phone or establish a new line.

The latest smartphone from REVVL could be a particularly good match for senior citizens with hearing impairments and tired eyes. TalkBack is a REVVL V+ function that converts text to speech. It is compatible with M4/T3 hearing aids, and the REVVL V+ 5G’s 6.52-inch display is practically squint-proof for older citizens with tired eyes.


  • 20 hours talk time and 25.5 days standby time

  • 5G speeds where available

  • Fingerprint and Face ID unlock

  • Fast charge

  • Pro quality front camera (16MP)


Price: $199 or free with a trade in

This Holiday Season, Get a Fantastic Winter Deal on the iPhone 13 from T-Mobile, Loaded with Excellent Features and Apps

The iPhone 13 is an excellent choice for senior citizens seeking a smartphone with a little more flair and chutzpah. Despite its sophisticated features, the iPhone is easy to operate. When you activate a new T-Mobile line and trade in an eligible device, you may save up to $800 on an iPhone 13. Seniors may also get excellent discounts on data packages, unlimited minutes, and texts as part of their holiday promotions.

The iPhone was designed for smooth swiping with little hand pressure. For the one-fourth of American adults who suffer from arthritis, this painless texting may be a genuine deal-maker. Other senior-friendly accessibility features, such as zoom, text magnification, hearing aid mode, and audio subtitles, make the iPhone 13 a truly unique smartphone.


  • 6.1-inch liquid retina display

  • Full range of senior-friendly accessibility features

  • M3/T4 hearing aid compatible

  • 13.5 hours of talk time

  • Face ID unlock for secure authentication and Apple Pay

  • Wireless charging

  • Dual rear cameras, ultra-wide and wide cameras (12MP)

Price: $69 per month, Festive season offer. Only applies to trade in or new line subscription

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