How to Get Unsold Luxury Watches for Almost Nothing?

Getting Your Hands On A Luxury Time Piece For An Affordable Price May Be Easier Than You Think!

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Luxury Watches can be out of your budget and it may seem that the price hike has swept away all excellent quality watchmaking, but it’s just a question of where you look. High-quality Swiss watchmaking from a brand with a long history is no longer solely for the wealthy; owing to a few companies like Oris, there is still hope for those that want a high quality watch.

The ChronOris Date is a perfect example, this beautifully crafted watch is created by a firm that was formed the year before Rolex and was once one of the top ten biggest watchmakers in the world, employing over 800 people and producing over 1.2 million watches each year. The ChronOris was one of their watches, a racing design from the 1970s that has been updated for the new century.

As Luxury Watch Pricing has reached abnormal heights, the ChronOris not only provides exceptional value for money as a Swiss watch at under $2000, but also as an alternative to something that genuinely heralds from fifty years ago. This Swiss made gem avoids the problem of appearing beautiful and being oversized, at 39mm in diameter, it is visually appealing, not too tiny and too large. Keep on reading to find out how you can purchase a high end watch such as the Oris, at a bargain price.

Purchase A Luxury Rolex Oysterquartz DateJust 17013 Today At An Unbelievable Price!

Rolex took a mechanical 3035 and removed the escapement, replacing it with a quartz oscillator that beats four times quicker than the Beta-21. The movement is thereafter entirely mechanical, with the oscillator driving a pallet fork, which delivers motion to the moving train and, eventually, the hands. The Oysterquartz’s backlash-free second hand and unique ‘tick’ are the result of an all-out mechanical effort.

But there’s a lot more to the movement than that, with Rolex having long ago pioneered thermocompensation by utilizing a thermistor to monitor temperature and adjust voltage appropriately. There’s also a manual regulation option, demonstrating Rolex’s dedication to precision.

But the most amazing thing about the Oysterquartz, this 70s-styled prototype watch with a jewelled, adorned quartz movement, is that it costs less than half the price of the similar steel and gold Date, coming in at just $3,700!

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch 3570.50.00 Is The Perfect Luxury Time Piece For All Occasions!

Moonwatch by Omega is not a secret, nor is the narrative behind it. 2019 marked the 50th anniversary of the landings on the moon. If you wanted to purchase what many believe to be the only chronograph worth possessing, despite not being chosen by NASA to travel to the moon, Omega will remind you that you’d have to go to Rolex and spend about $12,000!

In 2022, a Speedmaster Professional in full Moonwatch standard with the breathtaking manually wound calibre 1861 chronograph movement will cost you around $4,500 brand new. Consider that many gently used luxury timepieces, such as this one, are available for less than $3,600. The best place to find such hidden gems is at the many luxury watch auctions you will find on the net.

Get The Grand Seiko SBGX321J With Home-Grown Quartz Crystal Aged For 90 Days And Twin Pulse Control Motor!

In 1998, Grand Seiko was resurrected with the same objective as a century earlier: to beat the Swiss. Grand Seiko manufactures each and every watch component in-house. Everything. Even Rolex cannot claim that.

Consider the dial, especially the hands and markings. An apparently benign element to a watch that assists in the accurate display of time, but for Grand Seiko, it is a chance to exhibit nearly absurd levels of handcrafted precision.

This gorgeous Grand Seiko has the brand’s superior 9F quartz movement, a home-grown quartz crystal that has been matured for 90 days, and a dual pulse control motor for less than $3,400.

The Blancpain Leman Flyback Chronograph Grande Date Is The Luxury Chronograph To have On Your Wrist!

Blancpain watches may be traced back to 1735. This is more comparable to the discovery of America than the beginning of Michael Jackson’s solo career. Second, the three-digit and one-letter code 69F8. This device is powered by a calibre based on Frederic Piguet, and it is quite complicated.

There is a column wheel chronograph, flyback of course, and a date so delicately tucked in at six o’clock that it’s nearly unnoticeable. This requires 382 components, which is about 25 percent more than the usual perpetual calendar. Here, though, it is the elegance of the movement that seals the deal. Even non-visible surfaces are polished, turned, striped, and bevelled. At Just under $4500 lightly used, but in perfect condition this is a true bargain!

These fantastic watches listed here can be purchased used, online, at companies such as Watchfinder and Co, where you will generally get the watch with a guarantee at 60% less than the retail price when buying them new.

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