How To Find The Perfect Rental Apartment

Budget, quality, lease terms and amenities top the list of things to consider when searching for the perfect rental apartment. Amidst rocketing inflation, cost of living pressures and rising utility bills, it has never been more important to know your options.

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Renting your own apartment is never an easy task, when you add the many pitfalls such as scam adverts, hidden fees and unscrupulous agents to the mix, it becomes even harder. Finding the perfect apartment means looking for something on budget, that is all electric and boasts modern appliances, in addition to having favorable lease terms. Get all these ducks in a row and add on a great location with transport links, then you are onto a winner.

Rental apartments come in all shapes, sizes and types, with 114 million renters, totaling 35% of the US population choosing this way to live in 2022. With so many renters it should be a buyers market, though due to the downturn in the world economy, the landlords now have the upper-hand. Rents ave risen by 20% in just the last year and utility bills have risen by 30%.

The perfect apartment comes with the perfect landlord or agency. Though there are many rogue landlords and agencies taking advantage of the rise in costs, there are a few that are using this opportunity to deliver affordable apartments, with all the mod cons and utilities included in one price and a lease that locks in the price for a year. Furthermore, those that enjoy socializing might consider the new trend of community living apartments, where you can rent all inclusive a modern, centrally located apartment that comes complete with its own gym, pool, restaurant and co-working space. Compare these options here and follow the useful pointers on what to look for when renting in 2023.

Ollie New York Apartments Could be The Perfect Move for Energetic Professionals in 2023

As the co-living fad spreads throughout Europe, cities with robust rental markets, such as Berlin and Copenhagen, have embraced the concept completely. Nevertheless when it comes to communal living areas, the United States has been slower to adopt the concept. Aside from the Bay Area – an oddity where co-living has grown prevalent due to the large concentration of young creatives and tech professionals residing in a city with escalating living expenses – co-dwelling is a rather rare phenomenon.

Ollie New York Residences:

Now with locations in Los Angeles and Pittsburgh, the Ollie brand has remained faithful to its New York City beginnings. It was founded by two college roommates in Kips Bay, Manhattan, and now boasts all-inclusive locations in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Boston that debunk all conventional notions of shabby, student-style co-living.
From hotel-style architecture to facilities like as pools, gyms, spa areas, juice bars, and roof decks — all of which Ollie members may enjoy at any of its expanding network of buildings – this is a sleek, upscale way to live. Consider Gossip Girl and Soho House.

The facts and numbers are:

  • A studio apartment at Ollie’s costs around $2,300 per month for a 260-360 square foot room. The rent includes all utilities, including Wi-Fi and cable, weekly cleaning, linen change, use of the facilities, and participation in on-site social activities.

Common is a Nationwide All Inclusive Co-Living Development that Offers Incredible Value for Money

In each of its sites, from New York to Washington and San Francisco to Seattle, Common has adopted an almost scientific approach to co-living design. There is a reason why these US co-living spaces have become some of the most popular, with south-facing windows wherever feasible, meticulously organized storage solutions in each bedroom and kitchen, and common areas intended from the start to be a shared and enjoyable experience.

This way of living is perfect, especially for those on a budget and working in city centres. From the interior design to the finishes to the artwork on the walls, each property’s style is meticulously chosen and shown in an online look and book that can be seen in advance. Moreover, you get what it says on the tin, no nasty surprises, hidden fees or exorbitant utility bills.

The facts and numbers are:

  • Included in the $1,650 monthly rent for any of the Common studios are all utilities, Wi-Fi, cleaning, and use of the on-site washing and dryer.

Following These Useful Nuggets of Information Can Save You Time and Money when Renting

There are a few main things to consider when choosing the perfect apartment. Beyond selecting a development or private apartment that provides all inclusive facilities, utility bills and happy social areas, there is still a check list to go through. Follow these pointers below to save you a lot of hassle when renting.

Pointers to renting the perfect apartment:

  • Always compare prices and shop around

  • An unusually low price is a red flagship

  • Don’t take photos at face value, see the quality for yourself

  • Choose electric apartments over gas

  • Consider an all inclusive co-living development

  • Always read the lease carefully, look for small print

  • Check before hand if pets are allowed

  • Location, Price, Local Transport are all intertwined

  • Lock in the rent price for year when signing

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