Here Are Some Makeup Tips That Will Help You Look Beautiful

There is no overstating the importance of makeup in enhancing beauty, there are certain makeup tips for women over 50 that will help you look beautiful.

When it comes to makeup, everything boils down to what suits your skin tone and face shape best. You must be comfortable with how you look with different colors on your eyes, lips, cheeks, etc.

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If unsure about which color to wear or how much of it, always opt for less colorful cosmetics rather than more! The key here is moderation! It does not matter if others recognize you as being “over” made-up because it is how YOU feel when you are wearing the products that matters most.

Face Makeup

With age, the fine lines and wrinkles on your face become more apparent. This calls for an appropriate moisturizer to make your skin soft and supple. Avoid using too much or heavy foundation that will cover up these natural features of yours. Instead, opt for a light face powder that evens out your skin tone without looking too made-up.

As far as color is concerned, never use lighter shades on your cheeks, neckline, forehead etc., as this will only accentuate the loose skin/wrinkles on those areas! Apply blush sparingly around the apple of the cheek so that it looks natural and doesn’t give you a “pumpkin-like” look.

Tip: For blue-eyed blonde ladies, pink blush works beautifully around the cheek area!


Here are some tips for selecting the right cosmetic colors that will enhance your eyes and keep those wrinkles at bay. Blue-eyed blondes look best in shimmery copper eye shadow as this brings out the green in their eyes. Green eyed redheads should go for neutral colors such as gold as it makes the red stand out more than any other option on the color wheel. Brown- or black-haired women can choose from a plethora of options, but brown is very versatile and allows you to experiment with various shades of eye shadows without going overboard!

If you have deep set eyes, it’s a good idea to either highlight your brow bone or use shades of eye shadows that will make your eyes pop out. Similarly, if you have wide set eyes, use shades that will bring them closer and not make them look smaller than they already are.

Eyeliner is also another important element in the process of applying eye makeup because it opens up the eyes and makes them look larger! You can create different looks by applying it on both upper and lower lash lines. Avoid too much black eyeliner though as this can age your face significantly!

For mature skin, avoid using dark colored eye shadows as it tends to make things look worse than they already are. Instead, opt for shimmery white and soft pastel colors so that the light reflects in a flattering manner and makes you look good even without wearing any eye makeup!

Tip: Always use lighter shades on your eyelids and darker colors towards the crease of your eyes to accentuate the “lift”!

Another best tip for women over 50 regarding eye makeup is - fake eyelashes!

They open your eyes and make them look larger. It is important to choose the right kind! For instance, go for natural-looking lashes that will appear as if they are your own. Big and thick eyelashes may look nice, but you could end up looking like a drag queen (if not done properly)!

Mascara is another important eye makeup tool that can accentuate your eyes and make them look larger than they already are. There are different types of mascara – waterproof, regular etc., so choose one that goes with your skin type and does not irritate the delicate skin around the eyes.

Lips. Go for lip glosses rather than lipstick, as it is less likely to dry out your lips over time. Stay away from very dark or bright colored hues as these will make you look much older than what you really are. Opt instead for pinkish hues that enhance natural color of your lips without making them appear too made-up. Many women over 50 think twice before opting for bright shades for their lips as it makes them look older!

Avoid vivid colors on both your lips as well as eyes because these can age you significantly. Instead go for glossier shades of lipstick that have a good staying power. You can also use a natural shade of lip liner that matches your color tone before applying a gloss over it. One more tip is to apply a frosty shade of lipstick on both upper and lower lips before lining them with a dark brown/black pencil! This will give the illusion of fuller lips!


Take extra care of your hair as it is an important part of the look you are trying to create. For instance, if you have graying hair, go for flattering shades because too much bleaching can age you significantly! Also, never wear a hairstyle that will accentuate your wrinkles and fine lines on your face!

As far as makeup products are concerned, go for high SPF (Sun Protection Factor) sunscreens/moisturizers keeping in mind the hot and humid weather. Also, use lip balm made specially for mature skin as the ones available in the market for young girls will dry out your lips!

We hope these makeup tips for women over 50 prove to be useful.

Now that you know some of the best makeup tips for women over 50, go forth and experiment! Enhance your look without looking too done up and keep people guessing about whether you’re wearing any makeup!

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