Best Dating Sites for Serious Relationships

Finding the right partner to commit to for life might be difficult, but you have various sites with many profiles to check out with online dating. It also gives you an avenue to meet people and know more about their culture, beliefs, and lifestyle. But can online dating become successful? Can I find a serious-minded person online? Can I see true love online?

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These are some of the questions that bother people who want to try out online dating in the hope of finding their soulmate. Studies have shown that relationships that started online have a higher chance of success and healthy marriage. Another study has also shown that couples who meet online tend to have a strong foundation. However, online dating still has its downsides, as you have to be careful and thoughtful when choosing the site to use or a potential lover.

The dating app you use determines the type of people you meet, and that is why we have compiled this list to help you choose wisely.


Match is an online dating site founded in 1993 by Gary Kremen and Peng T. Ong. It is made available in twelve languages in over 50 countries. Its users are more than the population of New York City, and it is ideal for all ages. Match pride itself with a high rate of success over the years.

· It allows you to choose your deal breakers.
· People who use the app for free are allowed to send messages to their picks.
· A photo verification and a new emergency feature is the new upcoming update on the app.
· Too many notifications.
· Match does not offer support for nonbinary users.


eharmony is an online dating website founded in 2000 by Neil Clark Warren and Greg Forgatch. eharmony has helped millions of people find true love. It is the ideal dating website for people who are tired of the dating pool and want to get married. It has a high proven success rate.

· It is user-friendly.
· It has a questionnaire that opens your mind to the things you need to work on.
· It has a high success rate.
· It is not so friendly to people from the LGBTQT community.
· It could be challenging to get the actual prices of their packages when signing up.
· eharmony does not offer support to nonbinary users.


OkCupid is an online dating website founded by Christian Rudder, Sam Yagan, Max Krohn, and Chris Coyne. It was acquired in 2011 by

OkCupid matches users based on what’s important to them. To enjoy this app, you should have an interest in social and political issues.

· Your views on social and political issues help to select those you are compatible with.
· The redesigned app is fun to use.
· It has a space in your bio created for your choice of pronouns.
· It is getting more expensive.
· You need to pay to view people who like you.
· It is not ideal for people who live in small towns.

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