Albert, How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

You prepare for almost every day in your bathroom. For this reason, you’ll probably want your bathroom looking as nice as possible. A bathroom is one of the rooms that gets used the most. This can lead to degradation over time. As time goes and trends change, your bathroom may begin to look outdated.

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All these are reasons why you may want to consider a bathroom remodel. This can cost anywhere from a couple thousands of dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. There are quite a lot of factors that influence the cost of remodelling a bathroom. Size, type and quality are major factors that determine the cost of a bathroom remodel.

Remodelling a bathroom can mean many things. To some, it may just be repainting. To others, changing some of the fixtures. Remodelling can also involve demolishing and starting over. Due to these various interpretations of remodelling, the range of costs for remodelling a bathroom is extremely wide. There are also different qualities of fixtures which can be used in a bathroom, ranging from cheap to high-end to premium products. The basic elements that may be changed and their average prices are discussed further down.

1. Cabinets
Cabinets for storage of items in the bathroom may be refinished, updated by replacing knobs or changed altogether. A new cabinet can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $8,000 dollars, while refinishing can cost as low as $200 dollars. Additional money can be saved by making use of shelves for storage instead of cabinets.

2. Countertops
Depending on the kind of countertop you decide on, you can spend up to $4,000 dollars on a marble countertop or decide to save money by going for a granite one. Depending on the size, style and the material, you will have to spend between $300 and $5,000 for a new countertop.

3. Bathtub
There are a wide range of tubs to choose from. There are cheap ones made from acrylic, there are premium ones from marble and there are spa tubs. Cheaper ones can cost between $300 and $900 dollars while you may have to pay up to $4,000 dollars for an high-end bathtub. Some Japanese-style bathtubs can cost up to a whopping $21,000. The cost of installation can be cut by going DIY. Another way to save cost when changing your bathtub is to reuse the old plumbing instead of placing the tub in a completely different location.

4. Shower
You can remodel a shower just by replacing the shower head. This can be done in just a few minutes and can be very cost effective. If you plan on replacing the whole shower system though, you will need to spend around $500 for a basic shower or up to $5,000 for a premium one. While you can do the installation yourself, it’ll be advised to note that a shower installation can be quite tricky and require a certain level of skill.

5. Sink
There are different kinds of sinks which can be chosen from. There are drop-in sinks, mounted sinks, wall mounted sinks and many others. The kind of sink as well as the material it is created from determine the cost. Installation costs also vary based on the complexity of the installation. Drop-in sinks are usually cheapest and can cost around $200 to $400 while some high-end console sinks can cost up to $5,000.

6. Toilet
You can decide to go for a basic two-piece toilet for around $150 or a wall mounted marvel of modern technology with built in bidet and self cleaning functionalities for $3,000. Of course, the type of toilet you choose also determines how much you pay for it’s installation. You can also replace just the toilet seat and the lead for a fresh look that doesn’t break the bank.

7. Flooring
The size of your bathroom as well as the material you choose to floor with determines how much you will have to spend on your bathroom floor. Linoleum is a super cheap material which can be used to floor. Wood is also an option, although you will have to use special wood with high moisture resistance in a bathroom. Tearing up the previous floor can also jack up the price of flooring. Flooring can cost around $150 for a vinyl or linoleum floor, $600 for a wood floor and $2,500 for a tiled floor.

8. Walls
Resizing a bathroom may involve tearing down and rebuilding walls. Remodelling the walls can also just involve repainting or removing and replacing the wall tiles. Wall tiles generally cost between $1 and $5 dollars per square foot although some premium wall tiles can cost as much as $50 per square foot.

9. Electricity and lighting
Light fixtures cost between $100 and $400. If the placement of lighting fixtures make rewiring necessary, you will have to spend extra. You can purchase your light fixtures at lighting stores in order to get them for the best prices.

There are a lot of decisions and choices to be made when remodelling a bathroom. There’s also the choice of going the DIY route or hiring a contractor to take care of things. Whichever path you take determines how much you will have to spend on your remodelling project.

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