The Best Tanning Options in 2023

Get Yourself Nicely Bronzed This Summer with Some of the Best and Affordable Tanning Products on offer in 2023.

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A natural sun tan is certainly the most natural technique to achieve a tan, but it is essential to proceed with caution. Sun tanning is an excellent source of vitamin D, but it also has a number of hazards, including sunburn, dehydration, sunburn, premature skin ageing, eye damage, and other complications.

Tanning beds have been around for decades, and although they aren’t as well-known as they once were, they are still in use. This tanning procedure is popular among individuals who desire a rapid tan without having to lie out in the sun. Sun beds, however, may be much more harmful than outdoor tanning. In fact, just one tanning bed session before the age of 35 increases the chance of getting life-threatening melanoma by 75%.

Sunless self-tanning is a tanning procedure in which you do the work. Lotions, creams, and sprays are common forms of self-tanning products. Sprays are more preferred as they take less time and give an all over and even bronzed look. This is a great technique to acquire a sun-kissed tan without being exposed to dangerous UV rays. Most lotions act as a sunblock as well as providing a bronzed appearance. Consider these methods for obtaining a summer tan in a safe and cost-effective manner.

Clarins – The Perfect Self Tanning Milk Lotion For an All Over, Even – Body Tan!

This Clarins lightweight lotion with soothing glycerin may be used on both the face and the body to provide skin with a pleasing warmth that testers adored. According to the reviews, the lotion slid on smoothly with little fuss or drying time. 100% of testers agreed that the directions were simple to follow. In addition they reported the product was easy to apply, that it absorbed quickly, and that it left skin with a natural-looking finish.

Unlike some lotions, this tanning option doesn’t leave an orange hue if your body temperature rises or if left on for too long. This is a popular tanning lotion used by fashion shoot models since the buildable composition does not need rinsing and may be used as needed to get a deeper looking tan. If you think you need a slightly darker bronzed look you need only apply one more application to get that perfect color.

  • Multifunctional formula

  • Mess-free and short drying time

  • Natural look

Price: $41 at Sephora

Choose ULTA Beauty Express Tan Tinted Mousse For An Affordable Even Bronze Tan!

Bronze elegantly without breaking the bank with this tinted Ulta Beauty light mousse product, which received the highest rating in GH Beauty Lab testing for creating a “tan” that appeared homogeneous and faded smoothly. This is a popular product for those one day events where you wan to look your best, then go home and wash it off easily.

In testing, this fantastic and reasonably priced Mousse outperformed many others on a variety of fronts. 100% of testers appreciated the “airy” mousse and mitt application, 85% said the colour wasn’t streaky or blotchy, 95% said it faded smoothly, and 90% said they would continue to use it since it provided them natural-looking tanned skin.

  • Easy to apply

  • Even color

  • Not streaky

Price: $15 at ULTA Beauty

Try Self Tanning Bronzing Mist by St. Tropez – For That Authentic Looking Body Tan!

Select St. Tropez’s self-tanning mist for a natural-looking tan that’s pretty much fool proof. The mist applicator and blending mitt ensures even coverage, and GH Beauty Lab testers loved that they got their perfect level of color in just a single application. The tan lasts for up to four days or more, making it one of the best spray on tans available. Although not cheap and slightly messy customers were well impressed by the natural look this product resulted in.

  • Easy-to-use aerosol mist for even coverage and no streaking

  • Deepens skin tone in one use

Price: $40 at SkinStore, Amazon and ULTA Beauty

Coola Sunless Tan – Dry Oil Mist – The Best Spray On Sun Tan Mist For Sensitive Skin.

This Coola dry oil mist self-tanner absorbs rapidly and received acclaim for leaving the skin feeling amazing in GH Beauty Lab testing. It’s made with skin-softening natural and organic components including aloe and argan oil. Several people said it gave them a “natural-looking” tan that “didn’t seem orange or artificial.”

Although other testers found the mist to be more difficult to manage than lotion and to leave some streaks. Many spray tans are difficult to master at first, but with a little expertise, they are often preferred over creams and lotions.

  • Natural-looking color

  • Conditions skin

  • Soaks in fast

Price: $46 at ULTA Beauty, Nordstrom and Amazon

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