Laser Fat Removal Options in 2023: Procedure, Pricing & Who is Eligible

Get Laser Fat Removal Treatment in Your Lunch Time and Begin Shaping a Better, More Confident and Happier You!

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Laser Fat Removal is a non-invasive therapy that effectively reduces fat and cellulite without the use of liposuction, surgery, or crash diets. This cutting-edge technology is paving the way for beauty treatments and receiving positive feedback from men and women around the country who desire instant results. Practically anybody is eligible for this treatment, both young and old. However it is not meant for obese patients.

Laser Lipo (LLLT) safely penetrates the skin, targeting fat cells in the subcutaneous layer. This penetrates the fat cell membranes, enabling fat to leak out into interstitial fluid, where it is safely removed by the lymphatic system. This procedure causes fat cells to shrink substantially, resulting in considerable fat loss and cellulite reduction.

Laser Treatment Therapy is both calming and painless. During a course of treatment, a typical client should anticipate to lose 1 to 2 clothing sizes. While a temporary cure may be attained in a few sessions, dietary and exercise changes will assure a long-term benefit. Look at this helpful list below detailing where you can find this groundbreaking treatment available to everybody and get into shape.

Choose Emerald Laser For Affordable, Professional, All Over Body Contouring and Fat Removal.

Emerald Laser

Erchonia Corporation

650 Atlantis Road Melbourne,

FL 32904 USA

Emerald Laser was approved for sale after three different blind clinical studies showed that it reduced total body circumference. It is presently the only device that has received FDA permission to treat persons with a BMI more than 30, allowing our clinicians to treat morbidly obese patients entirely with laser lipo. This professional laser equipment employs ten low-intensity 532-nanometre lasers to target fat cells in the stomach, hips, back, neck, chin, and thighs – essentially everywhere adipose cells develop and collect in the human body.

For a FREE consultation, contact the Erchonia Corporation. Clinics rarely divulge the costs of a procedure until a patient has undergone a consultation. Most clinics will offer a payment plan, discounts and other perks to secure your custom and help you spread the cost of treatment. Pricing as in most cases will be determined by how many treatments you want or need.

From $185 Per Treatment

Sono Bello – Shaping your Body and Your Future, One Treatment at a Time!

Available Nationwide

This acclaimed clinic has evolved into an industry leader with 70+ sites throughout the United States in little over a decade. Their expansion was made possible by an incredible staff of board-certified plastic surgeons, which has grown to over 135 members, as well as their full team of committed Sono Bello workers.

With an eye on the future, they want to add even more sites in the coming years. Sono Bello also anticipates additional advancements in their craft’s instruments and processes so that they can always serve their consumers with the most sophisticated micro laser liposuction operations and the most remarkable outcomes possible. During your FREE consultation, they will work with you to develop a specific treatment plan and economical payment choices. Sono Bello facilities can be found in nearly every city, with over 70 facilities countrywide.

Treatments Start at $250

Trust Zerona Z6 for a Slimmer, Healthier and Happier Physique and Book Your FREE Consultation Today!

650 Atlantis Road Melbourne,

FL 32904 USA

Tired of the same old diets and workouts that include food planning, getting up two hours earlier, and green smoothies? What about those fat-reduction procedures that have severe adverse effects, are uncomfortable, and need downtime or surgery? None of these are required for the Zerona Z6. This non-invasive body slimming laser makes fat removal simple by making treatments brief, dieting unnecessary, and downtime to a minimum!

Think of Zerona as a laser treatment that you can fit in over your lunch hour. The approach is the Zerona Z6 non-invasive fat removal laser, which is unlike any other. They take satisfaction in addressing the source of the issue, supporting the body in naturally digesting fat cells rather than destroying fat cells. Zerona is the kickstart you’ve been looking for to get a slimmer you, a healthier physique, and the confidence you deserve!

Treatments From $225

Finesse Cosmetic Surgery – Boston’s Leading Clinic in Laser Fat Removal with 2nd Generation Technology!

411 Waverley Oaks Road
Building 1, Suite 133
Waltham, MA 02452

Finesse Cosmetic Surgery is a prominent medical clinic in Greater Boston that specialises in minimally invasive body sculpting, skin care and rejuvenation, and cosmetic laser surgery. They are the only institution in Massachusetts to be certified to deliver the breakthrough new CellulazeTM technique for long-term cellulite removal.

Finesse also provide laser-assisted liposuction using the Smartlipo TriplexTM technology, which is now in its second generation. The Smartlipo Triplex melts fat up to 20 times faster than comparable laser lipolysis devices.

Finesse Cosmetic Surgery provides appealing financing alternatives via their partners in order to make our procedures accessible to everyone. They presently collaborate with CareCredit, the leading firm that specialises in providing cheap financing for consumers interested in cosmetic surgery or laser operations.

Treatments Start At $210

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