How to Find the Best Hoarding Cleanup Service

Cleaning up a hoarding situation requires specialized services. Follow these key steps to find the right hoarding cleanup company to handle the job safely.

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Research Reputable Providers Online

Start your search for professional hoarding cleanup services by thoroughly researching potential companies online. Check sites like Yelp, Google Reviews, and the Better Business Bureau to read feedback from past clients. Look for companies with consistently positive reviews praising their sensitivity, care, and cleanup results. Search for critical credentials like the Certified Hoarding Cleanup Specialist (CHCS) certification, which involves trauma-informed care training. Choose a locally licensed and insured company in case of any damages during cleanup. Browse company websites for before/after photos of completed jobs to evaluate their cleaning quality. Compare detailed quotes from at least three providers outlining the proposed scope of work, number of workers, equipment used, projected timeframe, and itemized pricing. A trustworthy company will provide a transparent quote explaining exactly what services they will provide. Compile a shortlist of qualified companies to interview further based on reputation, expertise, and reasonable pricing. This diligent online research gives you a solid basis for making informed decisions.

Interview Companies at Length

Once you have a few potential hoarding cleanup providers, take time to extensively interview each one over the phone and in person when possible. Ask about their specific training credentials related to hoarding and trauma-informed care. Discuss their experience dealing with hoarding cases to ensure they have expertise in addressing sensitive situations with discretion. Review the proposed work plan and step-by-step cleanup process in detail. Reputable companies will collaborate with you to create a customized plan catering to your specific needs and concerns. Ask about their techniques for carefully sorting through belongings to preserve items of importance. Ensure they use ethical, discreet methods to minimize trauma and upheaval. Inquire about their protocols for handling valuables, paperwork, pets, and any unique circumstances appropriately. Share information to help the company understand your situation and develop the best plan. Choose a provider who listens attentively and makes you feel comfortable, understood, and in control.

Visit Completed Jobsites If Feasible

Ask to observe the results firsthand by visiting a past hoarding project site the company has worked on. Seeing their cleanup quality in person provides added reassurance about their services. Tour the premises and note the thoroughness of the cleaning and any restoration done. Look for signs of damage or hasty clearouts. Speak to the clients, if available, to ask about their experience. Key points to ask include: Were they compassionate and discreet? Did they execute the agreed plan effectively? Did they communicate and address any issues promptly? How satisfied are you with the completed job? Any visits, photos, or videos of finished projects give insights into their process. A top-quality company will readily provide this access and have rave reviews from former clients.

Agree on Price and Timeframe in Writing

Once satisfied with a provider’s expertise, communication, and previous work, get a final written estimate detailing the agreed pricing and timeframe. Itemized costs should include number of workers, labor fees per hour, equipment fees, disposal and landfill fees, supplies, and any extra services needed like hauling or repairs. Understand exactly what is covered so there are no surprises later. Get clarification on any vague points. To avoid misunderstandings, get policies for additional costs in writing if unexpected issues arise requiring more work. Agree on an estimated completion timeframe based on the property’s scope of contents and condition. While hoarding cleanups can be unpredictable, a reasonable company will provide clear expectations upfront. Discuss the payment schedule, including any required upfront deposit and final payment terms upon satisfactory completion. Ensure all workers are fully licensed, bonded, and insured for your financial protection. Signing a comprehensive written contract provides complete transparency and security for this significant investment.


Selecting the exemplary hoarding cleanup service takes time and diligence but is essential for sensitive, ethical treatment. Research companies thoroughly based on reviews, credentials, and documented experience. Interview providers at length to find one aligned with your needs and concerns. Visit past jobs to inspect the firsthand cleanup quality. To prevent misunderstandings, obtain a written contract covering all services, fees, and timeframes. An established company with specialized hoarding training can handle this complex process with discretion. Finding an experienced, reputable provider leads to greater confidence and peace of mind during an enormously stressful situation.

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