Assessing Depression Symptoms by Taking an Online Test

If you are experiencing possible depression symptoms, taking an online screening quiz can help evaluate your current state.

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Understand the Varied Symptoms of Depression

Depression can manifest in a wide variety of emotional, physical, behavioral, and cognitive symptoms, which vary significantly in their presence and severity from person to person. Common symptoms include persistent sadness, hopelessness, or lack of interest in usual activities. A loss of motivation, fatigue, difficulty sleeping, changes in appetite, and social withdrawal are also typical. Cognitive aspects like trouble concentrating, indecisiveness, and feelings of worthlessness may arise. Some people experience increased agitation and irritability. Depression can also lead to physical aches and pains or digestive issues without apparent cause. In more severe cases, people may contemplate, attempt or die by suicide. Remember that symptoms can range from mild to very powerful, with the number or intensity enough to interfere with work, relationships, and daily functioning. A screening test will help you evaluate which and how many symptoms you may be experiencing recently.

Find a Reputable Depression Quiz

To take a depression test, first research to find scientifically-validated quizzes designed by reputable mental health organizations, universities, or health centers rather than an advertisement sponsored by companies selling related products or services. For the most objective assessment, look for tests created by groups specializing in mental health specifically rather than general wellness or lifestyle. Some well-regarded examples of validated depression screening tools include online quizzes for free public use by MindWise Innovations, Mental Health America, OptumHealth, and others. The benefit of using quizzes designed by these trusted organizations is that their questions and scoring have been developed and honed based on vast research, clinical expertise, and psychometric testing for accuracy. This helps ensure the screening will correctly identify likely symptoms of depression that warrant further evaluation.

Answer Questions Honestly

The online depression questionnaires typically include 10-20 multiple-choice questions that touch on emotional, physical, and behavioral symptoms and changes you may have experienced over a set timeframe, such as the past two weeks or longer. Examples include asking about your interest level in everyday activities, sleep patterns, feelings of hopelessness or failure, changes in appetite, suicidal thoughts, fatigue, concentration ability, and more. For the screening to be functional, honestly indicate how often you have felt or experienced various depressive symptoms, even if the answers seem concerning. There are no right or wrong responses, and the questions are not designed to pass or fail you – they check for the presence and frequency of potential issues to analyze any emerging patterns. Some quizzes take only a few minutes to complete thoughtfully.

Get a Summary Analysis of Your Results

After answering all the screening questions, the depression test will provide a summary overview explaining your results and whether they indicate symptoms of clinical depression or not based on scoring thresholds and patterns. The test analysis may categorize the severity level of any depression as minimal, mild, moderate, or severe. In some cases, the results determine the symptoms do not signify depression precisely. It’s important to understand that while helpful, online depression screenings are meant only as an initial gauge of potential issues, not as an official diagnosis. Mental health professionals caution their accuracy is limited by factors like the respondent’s own self-awareness and honesty. However, scientifically-designed screenings suggest you follow up promptly with an in-person evaluation by a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, or counselor who can do a professional diagnostic assessment. They identify if treatment may be warranted based on the presence and extent of depressive symptoms you are dealing with.


While not conclusive on their own, reputable online depression quizzes and screenings provide an easily accessible, private way to complete an initial self-check of whether concerning mental health symptoms related to depression may be developing. They can help you determine if your emotional state, mood changes, and behaviors seem significant enough that seeking professional support and guidance would be beneficial. The best approach is using scientifically-validated mental health screenings as an awareness tool, not a definitive diagnostic method. For those dealing with potential depression, taking and scoring an online test starts with identifying if specific symptoms exist, understanding their current severity, and taking positive steps to reach out to qualified professionals for any needed treatment. Getting adequately assessed and addressed sooner improves outcomes.

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