The Best Credit Cards in Singapore

Get approved without much hassle + a huge cash back on purchases with these great credit card deals! Here is what you can take advantage of while it lasts…

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It might be difficult to decide which credit card best suits your requirements since there are so many banks in Singapore providing credit cards with various advantages and bonuses.
If you’re looking to make a large purchase, a credit card can be the best choice. You may break down a large purchase into smaller payments over time if you use a credit card.

In addition to the ease of paying over time, the finest credit cards in Singapore also provide rebates and low to no interest rates on a variety of transactions. Consider this list of the best credit card offers in Singapore and reap the rewards.

AMEX True Cashback Card – A Free Luxury Night’s Stay In Sentora!

If you want a credit card with a lot of advantages and bonuses, the AMEX True Cashback Card is the one for you. It includes a free night’s stay in a luxury room at Village Hotel Sentora, valued at about 360 dollars. But there’s more to this, as one of Singapore’s finest credit cards it comes with a welcome incentive of 3% cashback on a minimum purchase of $5,000 during the first six months, among other things.

Additionally, when you’ve received your welcome bonus, you’ll be eligible for limitless 1.5 percent cashback on all qualified transactions. It’s also one of the best credit cards for regular travellers in Singapore including extensive cover.

The Citibank Rewards Card – A Discount On Every Purchase!

This sleek credit card is well-known for offering a diverse range of benefits to customers. When you spend at least S$3,000 in the first three months, you may earn up to 30,000 points. The fact that there is no minimum expenditure makes this a winner for credit cards in Singapore. You can also get up to a 10% refund on a wide range of purchases.

Yes, that’s right earn points when you shop online and in online stores like Lazada, TANGS, and other sites. Basically, any transaction you do with this card rewards you for your use.

A travellers dream card, use this card to pay for your flight and you will get free travel insurance!

Standard Chartered - A Reputable Credit Card With Huge Perks!

This is one of Singapore’s most reputable banks, with a diverse range of credit cards to suit all sorts of consumers. The Standard Chartered Unlimited Cashback Card is a the top of the wish list for those wanting great perks!. What makes this credit card so appealing is that it offers at least 1.5 percent cashback on every purchase, ensuring that you save money on every transaction. Moreover, unlike other credit cards, annual fees are frozen at 0 for two years.

You may request a temporary credit limit increase if you need to use your card for something really costly. This option is available on other credit cards as well, though Standard Chartered is recognized for its quick application and funding.

The HSBC Platinum Card – Get Awesome Weekend Discounts With This Top Credit Card!

Arguably the best credit card in Singapore has been left for second to last on this list. Families can get fantastic rebates and promotions for a range of dining and leisure activities. This is also a card to enjoy on those weekend trips with friends, giving you cash back rewards on many fun places.

Another great reason to choose this card is that it has discounts for groceries, dining, and even fuel! When you sign up for this credit card, expect lots of freebies, perks and cash rewards!

Citi PremierMiles Card – The Card For The Frequent Flyer!

If you travel often, you’ll want to get the Citi PremierMiles Card. This is the credit card option for travellers, since it provides a variety of promotions and discounts that will make your trip even more enjoyable. Using this card will also earn you Citi Miles, which can be used for miles on Asia Miles, Qantas, and other airlines. Customers may also take advantage of the frequent flyer and hotel reward programmes offered by affiliate airlines.

Holders of this prestigious card are eligible to two free visits to airport lounges across the globe each year. You may also use this travellers card to pay for your ticket and get automatic trip insurance. This card doesn’t offer a lot back in perks like its competitors, despite this drawback it is still a great card to have in your wallet if you travel frequently and enjoy the V.I.P treatment.

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