How You Can Benefit from Employee Recognition Programs in 2024

Reap The Benefits Of An Employee Recognition Programme, Strengthen Productivity, Outflow and Your Bottom Line!

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Recognition should be more than a transaction; it should be an experience. Companies are now building fun exciting employee recognition programmes that create recognition moments which reflect a culture of respect. These program include Mobile Appreciation Messages, directed to employees and leaders. This can create genuine and personal recognition experiences that employees appreciate.

Recognition Programmes allow employees who receive positive feed-back to be more productive. In addition it installs a sense of pride in the work they are carrying out. Companies who do not offer such programmes tend to have reduced productivity, dissatisfied employees and an uphill struggle that can create a bad atmosphere to work in.

Employee Recognition Programmes do not have a single format. There are many ways in which a company can raise productivity, from offering paid getaways, to bonuses or monthly prizes. These cost a company very little, can be tax deductible in some cases and in the long run offer a great return on investment through a stronger bottom line. Take a good look at these superb ways of creating incentives for your workforce and increase you company productivity now.

Recognition Works Best When You Create a Programme That Is Adaptable To Your Company's Needs.

Bayer Canada is a forward-thinking company, thus only a forward-thinking system would work for them. Their prior recognition programme was only focused on monetary incentives, but as a growing firm, they wanted a more adaptable recognition programme that could expand with them.

The remedy was their “You Make Life Better” programme. This adaptive approach fosters a culture that adapts to the changing demands of Bayer’s varied workforce. Employees are now recognised for their creativity and hard work in a timely and efficient manner, resulting in a 92 percent employee engagement rate.

Your Recognition Programme Should Be Based On The Company's Ideals For Progressive Results!

When workers show what is vital to the organisation, they should be recognised. AGL Energy encourages its employees to believe in the company’s renewable energy mission and work together to achieve its strategic goals. With this in mind, they create a recognition programme that is centred on the company’s mission and values.

They wanted to design a recognition programme that would help them achieve their goals of flourishing in a carbon-constrained future and increasing consumer advocacy, so they included a number of recognition categories in their programme that reaffirmed their values and supported those goals.

AGL makes workers feel valued and reinforces their corporate values by sharing tales of how employees are embodying those principles by recognising them on a regular basis and through public recognition.

A Great Recognition Programme Creates A Relationship Through The Recognition Of Others.

Employees are feeling more distant than ever from their employers and each other after years of workplace instability and the continuance of remote work. Heritage Bank utilises recognition to foster a sense of belonging among its workers and customers. When they observe exceptional work being done, their recognition programme allows leaders and workers to acknowledge it.

Whether it’s thanking someone for maintaining a positive attitude during difficult times, recognising an employee for assisting a customer or colleague, or commemorating a work milestone, Heritage Bank believes that their recognition programme can help encourage employees and build connections, especially during difficult times. Leaders read the awards that have been handed out throughout their branches and share tales with their staff about the organization’s exceptional achievements. This fosters a feeling of belonging among workers and keeps them linked, regardless of where they work.

Making Each Award A Personal Gesture Allows You To Focus On Building The Skill Sets You Need!

Awards for achievement should be meaningful and personal. When Roto Rooter sought to deliver awards and recognition trophies to approximately 3,000 workers distributed across several sites throughout the United States, they recognised this.

Every Roto Rooter recognition award is tailored to the employee’s exact location, ensuring that their hard work is rewarded with one-of-a-kind presents that represent their own tastes. After a refresh of their recognition programme, 75% of Roto Rooter workers say they enjoy their awards, with 66% planning to preserve and display them.

Customized trophies, awards with personal remarks from peers and executives, and symbolic awards that represent the company’s culture and history are all great examples of personal employee appreciation awards. These awards may seem a little trivial to some, however research has proved that they go along way to delivering employee satisfaction and ultimately increase productivity. In fact Roto Rooter, not only saw a boost in sales when they started their programme they also saw a dramatic decrease in days taken off due to being unwell, up to 70% in fact.

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