Best Platforms to Sell Used Clothes Online

Got an Old Pair of Levi’s Sitting in Your Wardrobe? Make Some Serious Extra Cash Selling Your Vintage Clothes Online!

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Online vintage selling has been around for a long time, but online vendors have monopolised the vintage market since March 2020 and the ensuing COVID-related closures. Some merchants solely sell online, while others provide digital copies of their physical store-fronts.

Vintage clothes enthusiasts have progressed well beyond the average clothing aficionado. Unlike the rest of the uneducated who purchase brand new clothing that lose all of their worth the instant you take the tags off and start using them, the vintage community has grown savvy in the ways of sustainable fashion.

That includes not just fashion that is good for the environment, but also fashion that is good for your pocketbook. The vintage geniuses who launched this trend realised that your vintage garments are worth exactly what you paid for them, even after you wore them. Some of your old Jeans for example may be worth as much a $300, if you happen to have a pair with double orange-gold stitching on the inside leg. Take a look at these fantastic Online Platforms for turning your old duds in to cold hard cash.

Choose Instagram For Your Used Clothes and Reach A Billion Strong Audience!

Instagram now includes marketplace capabilities, as well as a big audience – one billion monthly active users. Because of Instagram’s pervasiveness for personal use, it’s become one of the most popular sites to sell vintage online. Rather than depending on customers to check their specialised shopping apps on a regular basis, sellers can interact with prospective buyers on an app that they’re already using. The disadvantage, of course, is that you must fight for attention among the plethora of other accounts that a buyer may be following.

Product integration, the ability to make reels and guides, and the advent of Instagram Live have all contributed to the platform becoming increasingly marketing-focused in recent years. Instagram sellers regularly combine with other sellers to establish online vintage “markets” via “drops” on Instagram Stories or on their feeds. The in-app platform, on the other hand, have specific qualifying restrictions that must be met, including being identified as a business account. Many vintage vendors utilise Instagram to promote their things before doing the transaction offline by e-transfer, local pickup, or their own e-commerce website.

The listing is FREE!

For offline transactions, there is no sale fee. If you sell things on Instagram via their integration, you must utilise the Instagram Checkout tool, which incurs a 5% cost each shipping or a flat price of $0.40 for shipments under US$8.

Depop – Sell Your Vintage Clothes for More to the UK Vintage Market!

Vintage Clothes items dominate this UK-based, seller-focused fashion marketplace, while new designer apparel and street-wear from small companies are also offered. Users may set up “shops” to sell their wares, and consumers can browse for garments and accessories using a basic search tool. The UI is extremely similar to Instagram, which makes it incredibly easy to use.

The network receives over 140,000 listings every day, and Depop’s readership is youthful – 90% of users are under the age of 26. While American customers may change their preferences to the local currency, the site is listing-focused and global, so you cannot presently filter by area. However with the strength of the Sterling trumping the US dollar, you’ll enjoy higher selling power than you might get at home.

Depop presently accepts Apple Pay, Google Pay, and credit/debit card in-app payments in addition to PayPal transactions.

The listing is FREE!

Sale cost: A 10% service charge is applied at the time of sale, plus an extra transaction fee.

Poshmark – Set Up your Own Online Closet or Boutique and Start Making Returns on Your High End Clothing.

If you live in Canada, the United States, or Australia, you may set up “closets” or “boutiques” to sell used, vintage, and new apparel. Targeted to the higher market, you can expect to find high end fashion on this site. Be extremely careful when you are selling your items that they have authenticity if you want to build a reputable store. The selection is concentrated on “pre-loved” things, which are less than 20 years old, while there is a good bit of vintage to be discovered.

Sellers have access to a wide market and can explore over 200 million ads, follow sellers to stay up to date on what’s fresh in their “closets,” and participate in in-app virtual shopping parties.

The site accepts credit and debit card payments, as well as trade provided the buyer pays delivery charges.

The listing is FREE!

For purchases under $20, the cost is $3.95. For sales of more than $20, 20% of the sale.

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