Best Credit Cards Without Credit Checks In 2024

No-credit-check credit cards offer easy approval without a hard inquiry, enabling those with limited credit to start building history and raising scores.

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Top No-Credit-Check Card Options

Here are some top no-credit-check credit card options to consider in 2024:

  • Surge Mastercard – This card doesn’t require a credit check for approval. It reports to all three major credit bureaus to help build your credit score. You can graduate with an unsecured card after making on-time payments for seven consecutive months. Surge offers free online access to your TransUnion credit score so you can monitor your progress.
  • OpenSky Secured Visa – No credit check is needed with this secured card. Provide a refundable security deposit of $200 to get an initial credit line of $200. Make on-time payments for 12 billing periods to qualify for credit limit increases without additional guarantees. OpenSky reports your payment history to all three credit bureaus.
  • Discover it Secured Card – Discover offers this card with no required credit check. After eight months of responsible use, Discover will review your account monthly and may refund your security deposit and graduate you to an unsecured line of credit. This can provide a significant credit line increase.
  • First Access Visa Card – This card doesn’t check your credit when you apply. Its Credit Access Program helps establish credit history when used responsibly. First Access reports card activity to all three credit bureaus. Upgrade options are available after graduating from the starter card.
  • Indigo Platinum Mastercard – No credit inquiry is needed to get approved for this card. Its Credit Builder Program aims to help build your credit with on-time payments. Indigo also provides free monthly credit score tracking so you can monitor your credit progress.
  • Reflex Mastercard – Reflex approves applicants without a credit check. They report card activity to significant bureaus to help build your credit score. Reflex charges no fees except a nominal processing fee on each transaction.
  • Milestone Mastercard – This no-credit-check card doesn’t charge an annual fee. Making on-time payments helps establish a positive payment history. Milestone reports activity to all three credit bureaus to help build your credit profile.
  • Fit Mastercard: With no credit check required, this card can help build your credit through responsible use. They report to all three credit bureaus. Fit also provides tools to monitor your credit scores and alerts to enable you to manage your credit responsibly.

The main benefits of no-credit-check credit cards include

  • Easy approval without a hard credit inquiry – This avoids any negative impact on your credit score that a hard pull might cause. It expands approval odds.
  • Establish credit history – These cards report your on-time payments to help build your credit file. With responsible use, you can establish the length of your credit history.
  • Access to credit – This can provide a credit line to start responsibility-building credit for those with no or poor credit. It gives access many couldn’t otherwise get.
  • Upgrade path – Some no-credit-check cards provide an upgrade option to an unsecured card after demonstrating responsibility for several consecutive billing cycles. Upgrades offer higher limits and more flexibility.
  • Build credit scores – Making on-time payments raises your FICO and Vantage credit scores over time. Just one missed price can drop scores significantly. Building takes patience and diligence.
  • Fast processing – Approvals often happen quickly without awaiting traditional credit check results. Pre-approvals are also available.
  • Low-security deposits – Secured no-credit-check cards generally have lower deposit requirements than regular secured cards. Deposits are fully refundable later.
  • Credit education – Reputable no-credit-check card issuers provide credit education resources to help consumers use the card responsibly to build credit. This education is invaluable for new builders.
  • Special offers – Some no-credit-check card companies provide opportunities to win rewards points, cash back, or other perks by using their card responsibly over time. Recommendations provide extra motivation.

To successfully build credit with a no-credit-check card, use it responsibly. Here are some essential tips:

  • Make on-time payments every month – Set up autopay if possible to avoid missed payments that severely damage credit scores. Pay at least the minimum, but ideally, pay in full. Never miss a payment deadline.
  • Keep utilization low – Keep balances well below your credit limit to avoid high utilization that hurts credit building. Below 30% is ideal, with lower being better. High utilization signals risk.
  • Use sparingly – Charge only what you can pay off monthly. Avoid cash advances, which incur fees and high interest. Limit card use to a few small purchases to establish a positive history.
  • Review statements – Check each billing statement closely and promptly report any errors or fraudulent charges. Protecting your account history is vital.
  • Limit new accounts – More new accounts at a time can positively impact credit scores. Apply for additional credit carefully and gradually. Let current accounts age.
  • Build credit mix – Consider adding a no-credit-check installment loan at some point. A combination of credit types builds a strong profile. Wait at least six months before adding new credit.
  • Graduate when eligible – If your card offers an unsecured upgrade after demonstrating responsibility, take advantage of a higher credit limit and more flexibility.
  • Ask for limit increases – After five months of perfect on-time payments, request a higher credit limit, which keeps utilization lower—additions help scores.
  • Monitor credit reports – Check Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion reports to ensure no errors or fraudulent accounts. Dispute any inaccuracies immediately.
  • Be patient – Credit building takes time. Stick with responsible habits, and scores start improving within six months. Expect slow, steady gains.

You can build credit securely and effectively by diligently using your no-credit-check card and making all timely payments. Consistency and patience are key.


A no-credit-check credit card can provide an accessible entry point to establish credit history and raise credit scores. Cards like Surge Mastercard, OpenSky Secured Visa, Discover it Secured, and others allow approval without a hard credit check or existing credit. Responsible card use over time enables you to demonstrate reliability, improve your scores within 6 to 12 months, and ultimately graduate to better-unsecured credit. An improved credit profile also makes it easier to qualify for loans, better interest rates, apartments, utilities, and more. Those with no credit or past credit challenges can use no-credit-check cards to open doors that may seem firmly locked otherwise.
Just make all payments on time every month, keep balances and utilization as low as possible, limit new credit inquiries, and let your strong history develop. Checking your credit reports and scores allows you to monitor progress and take action if needed. With patience and diligently using a no-credit-check card properly, anyone can begin building credit from the ground up. Having active and established accounts with perfect payment history builds scores safely, even if you’re starting from scratch.
While the process takes commitment and responsible habits, a no-credit-check credit card can help launch and continually grow your credit in 2024. Poor or no credit no longer needs to hold you from achieving approvals. An accessible starter card used prudently can catalyze robust credit to qualify for the loans and recognition you deserve. So consider applying for a well-regarded no-credit-check card, use it carefully, let your scores rise over time, and enjoy watching doors to credit open wide for you.

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