The Best Senior Living Options in 2022

Following the epidemic, there has been a surge in interest in smaller Canadian communities. These provide a welcome break from the crowds, traffic, and noise of large cities, and they’re more affordable than major cities, where home costs continue to rise. For many individuals, downsizing to a smaller house seems like the perfect match, combining affordable housing with a laid-back lifestyle and access to nature.

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Top retirement destinations have traditionally relied on facts and numbers, such as real estate prices, property tax rates, crime rates, and temperature data. These are a good starting point, but they don’t give the complete tale. For one thing, I believe you’ll find comfort in the words of others your age who have gone before you and can share their own experiences

Parksville, BC is known as " Vancouver Island's treasure."

Parksville is without a doubt the best retirement location in the country, serving as the gateway to Vancouver Island’s stunning inner east coast. It’s been dubbed “Canada’s Retirement Capital” because it has the largest number of seniors per capita in the nation. The region’s Mediterranean climate is well-known, and Parksville in particular is known for its sandy beaches. You can golf in January here, which is something you won’t find in many other Canadian towns. Whale and seal sightings, as well as other marine animals, have been reported in the Georgia Strait. It also serves as a play area for other water-based sports such as sailing and kayaking. In comparison to Victoria and Vancouver, real estate here is relatively affordable. This is a place where you can be the best version of yourself. It’s not simply a natural retirement community, but it also has some cutting-edge initiatives that warrant your attention.

Calgary, AB – Sun City

Calgary has been voted as one of the top five most livable cities on the planet. It’s the crown gem of Wild Rose Country, with the greatest GDP per capita in Canada and a quality of life ranking among the best in the country. Add in the fact that developers realize Calgary’s status as a cultural hotspot, a thriving city, and a natural wonderland. The Flames and Stampeders are two significant sports teams in Calgary. Within municipal limits, there are 600 kilometers of bike paths, a provincial park, and no provincial sales tax (PST). It is less expensive to live here than in other large cities like as Toronto and Vancouver. Calgary has a lengthy list of reasons to love it. The city is home to a variety of cutting-edge senior living communities. Seniors that reside here enjoy their time here.

West Vancouver, BC

The whole province of British Columbia is a popular retirement destination for people from all over the world, and this District is in the ideal location to experience all the country has to offer. It’s a long way from the city’s expensive real estate and bustle, yet everything you love about Vancouver is only beyond the Lion’s Gate Bridge. Stanley Park, Cypress Provincial Park, and a plethora of other mountain views are all close, of course. There is no industry permitted in the city by law. West Vancouver has a high cost of living owing to factors like as cheap taxes and low crime, but the true test is how people feel about living here.

In 2021, Darren sold his house in Vancouver and relocated here to live independently; he commented that life is much better today. “It’s a lot healthier here than it was before,” Darren says. “Here, I’ve made a lot of new pals. Why would I want to live in an apartment when I could live in luxury?”

Niagara Falls, ON

Niagara Falls, of course, had to be included! The city itself is attractive, with plenty of greenery and several views of the magnificent waterfalls. There’s a casino here, as well as a plethora of museums and activities. Your grandchildren will enjoy coming to see you here. What nature lover wouldn’t want to live near this true global wonder, as well as the breath-taking Niagara Gorge? You’re also close to not one, but two Great Lakes, each of which is precisely a half-hour drive away. (One route leads to lovely Crystal Beach on Lake Erie, while the other leads to Niagara-on-the-wine Lake’s area.) There’s also cross-border shopping, and downtown Toronto is just 90 minutes away.

Canmore, AB

Canmore is likely to be your first stop in the Rockies if you travel west from Calgary on the Trans-Canada Highway. It’s possible that you’ll never want to leave. The magnificence of the area countryside, with views of The Three Sisters (below) and Ha Ling Peak, is indeed spectacular, but local artisanry, shopping, and architecture may also capture your interest. Canmore was voted in the top ten finest places to live in Canada, with a thriving arts scene and local economy. Hiking in the Kananaskis Valley, cross-country skiing, fishing, climbing, and just soaking in the scenery are all options. There are also six golf courses in the area to pick from.

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