How to Get Unsold Pickup Trucks at Discount Prices?

Due to anomalous circumstances that have stifled global markets since 2020, Canada has an enormous surplus of 2021 and 2020 pickup trucks that have never been sold. Savvy car buyers can get massive discounts and favorable financing options on many different models.

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A pickup truck may be necessary to tow your camper or transport construction materials. You could choose to use your vehicle to cross rough terrain, hills and streams. It might potentially be a commuter car that never leaves the road. Perhaps you want a pickup truck for purely cosmetic reasons. All of these are solid reasons for desiring a pickup truck.

Understanding why you want to get a pickup will act as your compass throughout the search. A tow truck will be distinguishable from a construction truck or a regular delivery vehicle. Trucks are as customized as SUVs, if not more so; determining your budget and specs depends on your individual aims.

The used truck that has been most meticulously and regularly maintained by its previous owner will typically be the most reliable one you can purchase!

As vehicles get older, adequate and timely maintenance and care play a significant role in determining their long-term dependability and durability. Checking service records to ensure that the car has been properly maintained by prior owners is crucial for this reason!

Additionally, the main benefit of acquiring older, unsold trucks, is the much cheaper price. Continue reading to learn how to get an unsold pickup truck in Canada at a knock down price.

Top Ranked Overstocked Pickup Truck Brands Are a Steal

The top truck on this list is the Nissan Titan, which still has 43.7% of its inventory available. Considering that Nissan sold around 31,000 Titans in 2019, we may estimate that there are approximately 13,500 2019 model Titans and Titan XDs on the road.

The Ford Ranger is in second place with 41.9% left, followed by the Ram 1500 Classic with 39.4%. The remaining percentages for Ford’s F-150 and Honda’s Ridgeline are 16.4 percent and 16.4 percent, respectively. A recent survey determined that the national average for pickups was 15.4%. The Toyota Tundra is at the bottom of the list, with just 4.3% of 2019 cars left in stock.

Top 5 Discounted Pickup Trucks

Ram 1500

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

GMC Canyon

GMC Sierra 1500

Toyota Tacoma

An Unsold Ram 1500 Comes with Heavy Discounts

This circumstance has prompted manufacturers and dealerships to provide a variety of financing options that reduce the monthly payments on new vehicles. According to a reliable source, GMC is providing a discount of $11,032 off the MSRP of the 2019 Sierra 1500.

According to the source, the current offer for the most recent RAM 1500 includes 0% financing for 60 months and up to $5,500 in cash back, depending on the trim level you pick. Additionally, the 2019 Nissan Frontier comes with zero percent financing for 60 months and up to $3,495 cash back. Deals like as this are proliferating due to monetary incentives and cheap borrowing rates, driving every manufacturer to compete and provide more tempting discounts every month.

Canadians Can Benefit From Fantastic Financing Deals On Pickups

Even though truck sales in the United States are seeing a resurgence, sales are still not where they could be, forcing dealerships to provide discounts throughout the year.

As a result, several truck dealers continue to compete for consumers by offering cheap prices on both new and older models. As they continue to fill their own dealership lots with new models while old models take months – or even years – to sell, automakers are slashing pricing, giving special financing packages, and providing truck buyers with alluring leasing choices.

The car industry has made pickup trucks more inexpensive than normal, but this trend will not persist forever. If you want to take advantage of the available incentives, you should start shopping for bargains immediately, since the likelihood is that they won’t last long.

Here's How To Find The Best Pickup Truck Offers At Discount Prices

Despite the fact that pickup truck manufacturers and dealerships are providing substantial discounts on their inventory, you will still need to do some legwork to get the best offers. Searching for bargains online is often the best choice since it enables you to see both manufacturer and local dealership incentives, as well as compare the offers offered on various truck models. In addition, many promotions are offered solely online in order to reach a wider audience of prospective clients.

You may save even more money by waiting for dealerships to discount unsold stock. Keep an eye on local dealerships to learn when inventory clearance deals are taking place. You may save hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you make your purchase during one of these discounts.

As far as monthly payments go, dealerships and manufacturers alike are offering attractive discounts to move inventory. According to trusted sources, several pickups are now available with 0% financing for 36 months and up to $4,000 in bonus cash, resulting in monthly payments as low as $379. For example, a Ford F-150 might cost as low as $249 per month, according to the same source.

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