Best IT Jobs For Beginners

Choose A Rewarding IT Job For Beginners, Benefit From A Stable Career with Great Future Prospects In Canada!

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The IT Sector may be at the top of your list, if you’re considering a new profession or a job move and thinking what the best career option is for you. Entry-Level Jobs in the Information Technology Industry in Canada vary from Technical Support Specialists to Front End Web Developers and Technical writers.

The Information Technology Business is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, with several prospects for professional advancement. The IT business provides immediate work, positions in many sectors, various career routes, and excellent salaries. Not only is it simple to join this field, you can do so without a college degree.

The Information Technology Arena is not a solitary one. It intersects with every other industry, making it a diverse job option. From healthcare to agriculture, digital transformation is pushing change in many fields of industry, giving IT workers the opportunity to pursue a career that matches their interests. Take a look at this list of Best Entry-Level IT positions and start earning a competitive salary with great benefits.

Start A Rewarding Career As A Technical Support Specialist Today!

Average Salary $57,000

Technical support professionals, often known as Help Desk Analysts, are expert trouble-shooters. They accept inquiries from end-users who are experiencing a problem and do whatever is required to rectify it. This might vary from basic phone instructions to escalating issues and requesting outside assistance. Technical assistance is often the first entry-level IT job that individuals are offered.

A plethora of International and National Companies rely on Technical Support Specialists to deliver customer support and answer any queries they may have concerning online accounts. Though many firms opt for a chat bot to fulfil this role, customers prefer a human to conduct their affairs with

Choose A Software/Application Developer position And Develop Your Skills!

Average Salary $97,000

Jobs as a software developer are ideal for entry-level IT professionals. These programmers create applications and programmes for a wide range of desktops and mobile devices. Following the receipt of specifications, the developer produces software that best meets the demands of the user.

Developers are also in charge of upgrading and altering the application once it has been released. With almost every company worth its salt having either a desktop or mobile application to promote and conduct their business, this is a massively growing sector with no signs of it slowing down.

Technical Writers Are In High Demand, Apply For A Position Right Now!

Average Salary $68,000

For individuals seeking for an entry-level IT career, being a technical writer might be a terrific way to get their foot in the door. Technical writers generate all documentation for the company’s applications, products, services, and procedures. It might range from a simple user handbook to a comprehensive, extensive development guide.

Front End Web Developers Enjoy Great Earning Potential, Benefits and Future Prospects!

Average Salary $105,000

Front end web developers create and code the visible portion of a website. They must be technically adept as well as have a keen sense of design. The firm may hire UI/UX professionals, but the final result is the responsibility of the front end developer. Make sure you have an eye-catching portfolio of work to present the customer if you want to secure an entry-level job as a front end developer.

Quality Assurance Is A Great Choice For Those Wanting To Further Their Career!

Average Salary $83,000

QA analysts do final testing before a final product is delivered to the public. They generally examine software, websites, games, and applications. QA analysts must be highly analytical, excellent problem solvers, and have some understanding or expertise with agile development processes.

A Computer Technician Benefits From A Varied Workload and Great Salary!

Average Salary $35,000

Technicians often like disassembling objects and figuring out how to reassemble them. They debug both software and hardware, identify issues, and find a solution to get it fixed. Although an IT-related degree is always advantageous, holding a certification such as the CompTIA A+ cert may be sufficient to get you in the door.

Junior Database Administrator, The Perfect Beginners Choice To Get Into The Tech Industry!

Average Salary $68,000

Starting out in IT as a database administrator, like starting out as a network administrator, may be tough, but not impossible. They keep all of the databases that users use today and work to establish those that will be required in the future. Database administrators are in charge of all of the company’s information, data, and records.

With Cloud Computing Centers set to increase by a massive 400% in the next 10 years, the parameters of this entry level position are fast changing to meet the needs of consumers and businesses alike. This enables us to access our data on and off line.

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