Best Healthy Meal Delivery Packages [2022]

Healthy meals that are delivered right to Canadians’ homes are transforming their lifestyle eating habits and keeping them active and in good health. There are options for a wide variety of dietary requirements, including low-carb, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, keto, paleo, and Mediterranean options.

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You are not alone if you find it difficult to consume enough fruits and vegetables and lean protein to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. It might be difficult to resist the world’s abundance of fast, attractive foods that are high in empty calories. It is much simpler to avoid junk food when your refrigerator is loaded with delicious and nutritious ready-made meals, such as those provided by these healthy meal delivery services.

Beyond maintaining your body-conscious objectives, healthy meal delivery services may be the easiest method to gain some more time throughout the week by eliminating two daily responsibilities: food shopping and meal preparation. There are specialist meal services that cater to practically any diet, including paleo- and keto-friendly prepared meals, totally organic cuisine, and vegan and vegetarian food that is entirely plant-based. Many may be tailored to suit dietary requirements.

Even if just a few times each week, the top food delivery services provide healthy prefabricated meals or ready-to-cook healthy meal kits that may satisfy your pasta and fast-food cravings. These kits may make mealtimes more enjoyable by removing tedious tasks and teaching home cooks new cooking skills and recipes. Keep on reading then choose a delivery service that delivers goodness to your door.

GoodFood Delivers Healthy Fresh Meals

One of the most flexible kit and delivery choices for healthy meal kits is offered by GoodFood. Classic, Easy Prep, Clean15/Carb-Wise, Vegetarian, Brunch, Pizza Bar, Sheet Pan, Slow Cooker, Dinner + Lunch combinations, and fully cooked meals are among the options available for meals. For special occasions, you may also choose from a variety of inexpensive, high-yield dishes as well as other more upscale selections.

To help you start your mornings off correctly, GoodFood also provides ready-to-blend smoothie options and a shopping section with over 1,000 items. Customers may discover a variety of items to meet their dietary preferences, in addition to essentials.

The service places a high priority on products without preservatives or additives and makes sure that its meat and fish originate from environmentally friendly sources. The ingredient breakdown includes spices and mixtures, and the recipes are simple.


  • $8.99 per meal and up

Chefs Plate Comes Highly Recommended by Canadians

Boxes from Chefs Plate are completely recyclable. The cooler pouches and kit bags are constructed from biodegradable materials. They provide premium meal alternatives that are delectably spicy, vegetarian, balanced (20g of protein, under 15g of saturated fat, and under 100g of carbohydrates), and vegetarian.

Chefs Plate serves up excellent, filling dishes that can feed a family of three while still providing 15-minute supper choices for busy evenings. Both the Spanish-Style Beef & Rice Bowls with Zucchini and Creamy Lemon Aioli and the Harissa Squash Bowls with Halloumi & Crispy Kale come highly recommended.

Customers like Chefs Plate because it offers new flavor combinations and allows them to experiment with different foods. They regarded vegetarian dishes as among of their favorites. Although there is also a wide range for families that consume meat.


  • As cheap as $8.99 per dish on average

HelloFresh Is A Leading Provider Of Healthy Food Plans

95 percent of Canadians are served by HelloFresh deliveries. Given that both HelloFresh and Chefs Plate are owned by the same parent business, their packaging is similar. All of the boxes may be recycled. The cooler pouches and kit bags are constructed from biodegradable materials. Gel packs and water ice packs, which you can quickly get rid of by letting them melt and draining the water down the toilet, are used by HelloFresh to keep its perishables chilled.

There are several alternatives to pick from for different diets, including calorie-smart, carb-smart, family-friendly, fast and simple, beyond meat, and premium selections for special occasions. As with other companies, the variety of meals vary from week to week. While HelloFresh does not currently provide vegan choices, it is quite easy to substitute products with vegan equivalents already in your pantry or refrigerator.

Price: $5.75 per serving

Plant Prepped Is The Perfect Choice For Vegetarians

The packaging is constructed from recyclable materials, like the majority of other meal delivery kits. Its bottles are recyclable and devoid of silicone, latex, sulfur, BPA, and BHT. According to Plant Prepped, its gel packs may be frozen again and re-used or poured down the sink.

There are vegetarian and vegan alternatives as well as gluten- and soy-free dishes. You can trust that every meal is made entirely of plants and that recipes may be completed in 30 minutes or less.

Plant Prepped could be a decent choice for individuals wishing to support a local, plant-based business, even if it’s obvious that it operates on a lesser scale than the three other services mentioned here. The lettuce cups with spicy chickpeas are delicious. The recipe cards include certain vegan components, including vegan yogurt, and clearly state that Plant Prepped packages’ contents could contain gluten, soy, and nuts, and that they are unable to guarantee orders that are allergen-free.


  • As low as $11.83/serving

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