Best Car Insurance Options In Canada

Car owners in Canada must have car insurance as there is an attached penalty for people that lack insurance on their car. Every province mandates coverage requirements although some provinces mandate it more than others. However, car insurance may vary based on the different provinces and the information you provide in your driving profile.

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A car insurance company will categorize your risk potential and calculate a personalized rate.

In each province and territory in Canada, a minimum amount of auto insurance is required by law. This typically includes third-party liability insurance, which covers medical expenses and property damage caused by the insured. Most car insurance companies in Canada have updated their insurance coverage in order to suit their customers.

Best Car Insurance Options In Canada

s such, choosing the right car insurance provider is vital and should be based on much more than price alone. Choosing the right insurance for your vehicle helps protect you and your loved ones wherever the journey takes you. Some car insurance companies have a very flexible policy that can suit you. When you put a whole lot into consideration, here is the best car insurance options in Canada:

Intact insurance


The co-operators

Aviva insurance

TD insurance.

Intact Insurance

Intact Insurance is one of the largest providers of Property and Casualty along with speciality insurance in Canada. It covers both standard and non-standard risks. Intact offers excellent coverage and a platform where you can trade through Fast Trade or via your software house. They offer the majority of car insurance to people in Canada.


Sonnet is a fully online insurance company with a fast quoting tool and plain-language policies. It offers competitive rates and straightforward explanations about what you’re buying. A big bonus is that Sonnet allows you to customize preset packages to fit your specific needs. There are also special discounts for equipping your car along with some auto insurance policies.

The Co-operators

The Co-operators is a multi-line insurance and financial services co-operative in Canada that focuses mainly on property and casualty insurance, life insurance, institutional asset management, and brokerage. The company offers car insurance to drivers living in some parts of Canada including Ontario. Since auto insurance is mandatory in major provinces in Canada, the co-operators are the major company available for insuring properties and casualties.

Aviva Insurance

Aviva is an insurance company that specialises in car insurance and offers standard coverage with a lifetime guarantee on repairs. Aside from standard and optional coverages, it offers discounts that reward customers for bundling their car and home insurance policies, being a retiree, insuring more than one vehicle, having no convictions, and staying claims-free.

TD Insurance

TD is one of the most popular and largest direct-response auto and home insurance companies in Canada. Aside from affordability, it boasts a useful and polished website where potential clients can quickly get an online quote, discounts, optional coverages, and stable financial operations. It has a range of insurance products available, including car insurance, life insurance, etc.


No insurance plan is truly deposit-free, but some providers structure it in a more affordable way. Either way, payment must be made in order to have active, legal car insurance. The listed insurance options offer low rates when compared to other insurance companies.

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