Best Midsize 6 Cylinder SUVs Under $25,000

Finding an affordable yet high-quality used SUV takes diligence. Use this comprehensive guide to discover the best 6-cylinder midsize SUV options under $25,000.

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Conduct In-Depth Research on Reliability Ratings and Ownership Costs

The first critical step when evaluating used SUVs under $25,000 is researching models known for long-term reliability, durability, and affordable ownership costs. Compare ratings on sites like Consumer Reports and J.D. Power, which assess dependability and problem rates based on comprehensive surveys. Toyota, Honda, Subaru, and certain Ford SUVs consistently rank well for reliability and build quality.

Check what replacement parts like batteries, alternators, tires, and brake pads cost for models you’re considering to estimate maintenance and repair costs. Calculate the highway and city gas mileage estimates to determine ongoing fuel cost projections. Websites like RepairPal can provide estimated annual maintenance cost ranges by specific SUV model and year, accounting for expected repairs as vehicles age. Focusing your search on an SUV with a solid reputation for reliability and low ownership costs ensures minimal headaches.

Test Drive Midsize SUVs for Ideal Handling and Interior Room

When test-driving used SUVs, please pay close attention to how they handle and maneuver compared to their interior spaciousness. Full-size truck-based SUVs often drive clunky and struggle with tight turns, while subcompacts sacrifice rear seat and cargo capacity. Ideal midsize SUVs like the Toyota 4Runner, Honda Passport, Nissan Xterra, and Jeep Grand Cherokee strike the perfect balance of interior room while still being maneuverable for easy driving.

Take backroads and make U-turns to assess skill. Check rear seat legroom, headroom, and accessibility to car seats or walkers. Measure cargo space with rear seats folded down to transport more oversized items. If you need a third row, carefully test access and comfort compared to cargo space lost. Prioritize selecting a midsize SUV that provides ample interior room yet handles easily for stress-free daily driving. Taking test drives helps you experience these key factors first-hand.

Seek Out Responsive V6 Engines Offering Both Power and Efficiency

When evaluating potential used SUVs during test drives, pay close attention to engine performance, power, and responsiveness. Underpowered 4-cylinder engines can strain when accelerating and passing at highway speeds when loaded with passengers and cargo. This leads to unideal driving experiences.

Seek out smooth and robust V6 engines, which deliver responsive acceleration perfect for an SUV’s demands. Well-known options like the Honda Pilot, Toyota Highlander, Mazda CX-9, and Ford Explorer offer proven, capable V6 engines that balance power with fuel efficiency. Listen closely for any knocking sounds or hesitation indicating potential engine issues during your test drive. Calculate mileage ratings to determine if gas costs align with your budget. The optimal used midsize SUV combines a reliable, solid V6 engine with reasonably expected gas mileage to maximize value.

Comparison Shop Listings to Find the Best Quality Deal

Once you’ve test driven and identified a few used midsize SUVs meeting your reliability, cost, performance, and space needs, you can start shopping for specific vehicles. Expand your search online to platforms like Autotrader,, CarGurus, and Facebook Marketplace to find all local listings for your target models, ages, and price ranges. Widen your search area a bit to include viable options.

Compare listings closely based on mileage, condition, and any accident history, and include maintenance records from dealers or single previous owners. Favor lower mileage, one-owner SUVs that appear well maintained inside and out. Test drive top contenders, bringing a mechanic, if possible, to inspect for issues. Provide the VIN to run a vehicle history report showing recalls or accidents. Use your research to negotiate a fair price in line with the SUV’s value considering mileage, condition, and needed repairs. Casting a wide net and taking time to find the best-maintained vehicle leads to SUV buying success.


Finding a top-quality used midsize 6-cylinder SUV under $25,000 does require diligence but pays off greatly with years of comfortable, reliable transportation. Spend ample time upfront researching models acclaimed for durability, affordable ownership costs, and capable V6 power. Carefully test drive SUVs to experience handling and acceleration first-hand. Comparison shop across multiple sources to find well-maintained options, then negotiate based on thorough research. Keeping reliability, engine performance, and condition top priorities when evaluating vehicles leads you to the right midsize SUV at the best overall value. Taking these steps guarantees you’ve found an ideal used SUV meeting your needs and budget for years.

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