Albert, What Are The Reasons to Buy a Small Car?

There was a time when big cars were the best cars you would ever find on the road. They had all the qualities people needed to purchase them. Meanwhile, as time go by, their importance began to diminish. This was a result of the advancement in technology.

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Most cars were made to appear bigger primarily for one reason. That is to create space within them for the accommodation of a variety of technology. But as science and technology evolved over time, the larger devices were substituted with smaller ones. Hence, the development of smaller vehicles began to dominate the road.

The technology you will find in small cars of today is more advanced than those in bigger cars. This is one of the reasons why most people prefer purchasing smaller vehicles. Although the advancement in technology is a crucial factor, people prefer smaller cars for other reasons.
You will find out more about these reasons by reading this article.

Reasons To Buying Smaller Cars

Bigger cars are however not bad for the road, depending on what you need. But we are at an age where they would be called “old-fashioned vehicles.” Meanwhile, there are several reasons associated with the ranking of smaller cars over bigger cars. These reasons include the following:

– Lower prices
– Better fuel economy
– Advanced techs
– Easy to park
– Available in a wide range of style
– Affordable to run
– Improved safety

● Lower prices
When we talk about affordability, small cars are the most affordable model of cars on the road. Although a few larger cars appear to be cheap but never as cheap as smaller cars. Most of the newly designed subcompact models of cars come at a sticker rate that ranges from $14,000 to $17,000.

Most of them, such as Nissan Versa and Chevrolet Spark come at a way cheaper price. The cost required to get a Nissan Versa and 2018 Chevrolet Spark, is about $12,110 and $13,050, respectively.
Therefore, if you want to purchase either a new or used car, or you are in search of a car that would not ruin your financial stability, this is a better option.

● Better fuel economy
Bigger cars are the most fuel-efficient gas-powered type of vehicle. These cars include compact and subcompact vehicles. Since the cost of gas is expected to rise, it will cost you more to power a bigger car. This is however the opposite for smaller vehicles. Smaller vehicles would save you a chunk of money from gas.

Since electric cars are more efficient than traditional vehicles that can only be powered by gas. In addition to this, they make up or top the list of fuel-sipping new models according to the Environment Protection Agency. This list is primarily made up of small cars, such as BMW i3, Chevrolet Bolt EZ, and Volkswagen e-Golf.

● Advanced Techs
Generally, the term “advancement” means progression. Since small cars are the advanced version of the bigger ones, they are more advanced than big cars. Before you can use the term advancement, there must be new features. Smaller cars are known to have newer features for comfort improvement and safety.

You can tell about the advancement of smaller cars by checking their features. Chevrolet Spark, for instance, comes with a variety of incredible features. These features include a touch screen audio system with an inbuilt WI-FI network, Android Auto Compatible, and Apple CarPlay. They also come with features to assist drivers on the road, such as lane-departure warning and forward collision alert system.

● Easy to park
It is a general rule that the larger the car the more difficult it is to park. Hence, small cars are easier to park in various garages with compact spaces. Therefore, smaller cars are the most suitable for city driving, side streets, and parking garages with specific compact spaces.

● Available in a wide range of style
When it comes to designs and styles in small cars, there is a wide range to choose from. A wide range of styles and designs are available for people with different tastes. This includes the unique and distinctive designs of smaller vehicles, such as sporty mini, iconic VW beetle, and Tiny FourTwo.

● Affordable to run
The cost of running a car is different from the cost of running it, especially when it comes to maintenance. You should be prepared to buy gas, change your tires and repair the faults developed by your car. The cost of maintaining your car depends on the type of car you drive. It is however cheaper in smaller cars.

● Improved safety
The safety of a car also depends on the techs it contains. In this case, small cars have been advanced to automatically keep the driver safe. This safety comes from the advanced techs they contain, such as adaptive cruise control, lane-departure alert, forward-collision warning, and collision-mitigation braking system.

The use of smaller cars however depends on the need of a driver. Meanwhile, if you are looking for a reason to buy a small car, you should consider the listed factors.

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