Albert, How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Windshield?

From a small chip in the glass to spiderwebs across the screen, windshield damage could come in different ways and be caused by a variety of reasons. Whatever the cause of the windshield damage though, the windshield needs to be fixed. A cracked windshield of course won’t hamper the movement of your vehicle.

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What it hampers however is your visibility, and this can lead to serious accidents while driving. As driving around with a damaged windshield constitutes such a big risk, it needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Of course, you need to know the cost.

It generally costs between $100 to $400 dollars to replace a vehicle’s windshield. The exact figure rests on a variety of factors such as the make of the car, the year of manufacture as well as the location of the damage (front or rear windshield).

Factors that affect windshield replacement cost

1. Type of vehicle
This is probably the most important factor that determines the cost of replacing a windshield. The type of the vehicle includes details such as the make and the manufacturer as well as the year of manufacture. The windshield on a more recent vehicle usually costs more than that of an older one, provided they have the same make at least. A more popular vehicle model is also likely to have cheaper parts due to higher demand for these parts than an obscure brand. Luxury vehicles also tend to have more features associated with the windshield such as rain sensors and the like and therefore cost more to fix than the regular vehicle. Of course, expensive vehicles use expensive parts.

2. Amount of damage
Depending on how extensive the damage to the windshield is, you may not need to replace it as it is possible to repair small cracks in it. It usually costs only a fraction of the replacement cost to repair a windshield. If the windshield needs to be replaced, however, the extent of the damage may still be a factor that determines how much you spend. If your windshield wipers have also been damaged, for example, they will need to be replaced, jacking up your bill.

3. Type of replacement glass used
You can decide to use an after-market replacement windshield to replace your damaged windshield. These are cheaper than OEM (original equipment manufacturer) windshields. It is however advised to go with OEM parts as they are made exactly to specification and ensure no complications arise after they are fitted.

4. DIY versus auto repair shop
It is quite possible to buy a new windshield and do the replacement yourself. This will help you save some money. It may however lead to a loss in the long run. Auto repair shops have experts who are familiar with the replacement process as well as precautions to be taken and the correct materials to be used. You could even end up damaging parts that otherwise functioned perfectly due to your lack of experience. If you think you have enough experience to do the replacement yourself though, it could be a nice way to save some money off your windshield replacement.

Other factors that may influence the price of a windshield replacement include the location of the damage. Front windshield replacement generally costs more than the replacement of the rear windshield. If your vehicle is an antique, it will probably cost you a premium to get the windshield replaced. Where you decide to do the replacement can also influence the price. Driving the vehicle down to a shop will cost you less than having the company come over to your house to fix it.

Recommended glass auto repair companies

1. Safelite
Safelite is the biggest glass auto repair company in the United States. The company runs operations in all 50 states of the US with over 8,000 repair shops. With Safelite, you can choose between an on-site or mobile appointment. They will even send you the profile of the technician who will be sent over so you can know who to expect. They offer a lifetime warranty on workmanship as well as OEM parts.

2. Glass Doctor
Glass Doctor is another reliable glass auto repair company I can recommend. They have shops in 43 states in the US. They also offer OEM parts as well as shop and home service. Glass doctor often offers special discounts which can be taken advantage of to reduce your overall repair costs.

3. Glass America
Glass America is a reputable company with experienced personnel to replace your damaged windshield. They pride themselves on their ability to do same-day replacements. Glass America, like the other recommended glass auto repair companies also uses OEM grade parts for replacements. They also offer a free mobile service as well as a workmanship warranty.

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