Albert, How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Car?

If you think painting the bodywork of your car is irrelevant, try to check what happens to a metal that is not painted. If metal is not painted and is exposed to nature—moisture especially, it will corrode. Once it undergoes corrosion, it becomes weak and breaks with ease.

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Exactly what happened to this metal is what your car would experience if you do not paint it. The bodywork would become weak and you would be risking your life If you place this same car on the road. Hence, the usual impact accident that the body frame of your car was supposed to withstand would be weak. This could make a mild accident appear severe.

Whenever you notice any sign of fading paints on the bodywork of your car, you should begin to plan its repainting. This paint will serve as a protective coating to prevent the wearing down of the bodywork. Although the paintings serve as protective coatings, most people also paint their vehicles to try out a new look.

Ways Of Painting Your Car

There are primarily two ways involved in the painting of your car. These are;
– Do-it-yourself (DIY) paint job
– Professional paint job

Do-it-yourself (DIY) Paint Job
Just as the name implies, it involves the painting of your car’s bodywork by yourself. Hence, you would not be hiring any professional painter. In order to have your car painted by yourself, you will need to purchase the tools and paints needed for the job.

This method of painting demands patience and skills for the accomplishment of the job. Although it may appear to be cheap, the result of your job would not be of a high-quality. A do-it-yourself paint job would show that your car is painted but it would not improve the look. Due to this reason, it is advisable to use your skills on older vehicles or trucks with scratches.

Professional Paint Job
This is different from the do-it-yourself method of painting cars. Instead, it involves the hiring of professional painters to give your car the high-quality result you need. If you desire to restore the paint of your car to its original condition or add a few cosmetic designs before selling your car, you should hire professionals.

In order to get the best result by hiring a professional, usually come at a cost. The cost of hiring a professional is more expensive than when you do it yourself. Meanwhile, this expensive cost is compensated by the quality of the job you are guaranteed to get.

Cost Of Painting Your Car By Professionals

The cost of hiring a professional painter is not fixed but rather depends on the service you need. They offer different services suitable for customers with different budgets. The services they offer include the following:
– Basic quality
– Standard quality
– Showroom quality

Basic Quality
This is the most affordable service that involves the use of a few coats by using synthetic enamel paint. This service involves the painting of only the visible part of the car. Hence, inside the hood and other parts that are not visible are ignored. The cost of this service ranges from $300 to $900.

Standard Quality
This service involves the sanding and removal of rust from the bodywork before painting is implemented. The cost of this service—standard quality painting ranges from $1000 to $4500.

Showroom Quality
This service involves more than just sanding the bodywork. It also involves the removal of rust and dents before the application of about twenty-four coats of high-quality paint.
Unlike the other types of painting service that only take a few days before their completion, showroom quality painting takes at least a month for its completion.

Why You Should Choose Quality Over The Cost Painting Your Car

Although the cost of hiring a professional is essential, the quality is requisite. Hence when you compare the quotes of different professional painters, do not fall for the temptation of going for the cheapest.

A cheap quote may influence the quality of the painting result. They may make use of inferior materials, outdated tools and even skip important steps. For instance, they might ignore the removal of trims and apply paintings over them. They may also have poor taping techniques. This will lead to overspray on your window and other features that are not meant to be painted.

Generally, the rust and dents are meant to be removed before paints are applied to the bodywork. This step may be skipped when you hire professional painters because of their cheap quote.

The disadvantages that come from hiring professional painters based I cheap quote may be results in a low-quality outcome. The bad result you get may however be worse than when you do it yourself.
Hence it is always advisable to choose quality over the cost of services you may be offered. Furthermore, to be on the safe side you should find out about the paint services you desire to hire by asking around.

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