What Trending in Garden Offices Designs in 2021?

Gardens rooms, notably the Garden office, were a focal point of home improvement trends in 2020 and is set to continue into 2021.

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A garden room is a long way from a traditional garden shed. It’s a stylish additional building in your garden that acts as a separate extension to your home. Many find a garden room can improve their lifestyle. We will now look at the key trends in Garden rooms, notably the trend for a home office, in 2021.

Garden Offices

Home Office

The covid-19 pandemic saw many people working from home and a lot of companies will now make some form of remote working permanent. While there are many benefits to working from home, but there are also some challenges. It can be harder to create a distinction between work and home, especially without space for a dedicated home office.
A garden room operating as a garden office allows for a dedicated working space that feels like a room in the home but being separate from the house means you can focus on your work without the distractions of home. it also helps you distinguish between work and home, as you can close the door at the end of the day which can help you to switch off and establish a better work/life balance.

Due to this increased interest in garden rooms, Garden office interior trends have never been more interesting or diverse.

Garden room interior trends for 2021

Earthy tones and shades

Earthy tones provide a simple and sophisticated interior for a garden office. These tones are versatile and sleek. In January, Dulux announced that their Colour of the Year was ‘Brave Ground’, while Sherwin Williams announced its favoured colour for 2021 was Urbane Bronze.

The importance of the Home Office

With the increase in remote working and many of us working from home, how we view our home working space has changed. The modern garden room is now at the top of the wish list for 2021.
Most people are looking for a home office that is bright, comfortable and peaceful. A quiet space with inspiring surroundings. A garden office can offer this. The trends in interiors include clean, clear lines that blend the home office into the garden room.


Having an outside space joined to the garden room that compliments the style is another popular design choice. Incorporating interior design into the outside space, such as warm lighting, mirrors, rugs and cushions to make the outside space cosier and inviting.


Cottagecore, sometimes known as Countrycore or Farmcore, was hugely popular in 2020 and now in 2021. Based on the idea of living a simpler life, with many dreaming of a country escape, people are keen to incorporate elements of the countryside into their home and garden, for a space that is more in harmony with nature. Adding plants to the interiors was another popular aesthetic choice to incorporate more natural elements.

Snug and Cosy

Many sought more home comforts in 2020, a space to escape when things could be a little much. While we were spending more time at home, people looked to create a little home away from home to retreat to.
The addition of soft and cosy elements with a combination of textures provided the cosiness that many craved. clean linen and woollen throws placed over a corner chair or sofa were a popular choice. This makes the contemporary garden office feel like a warm and inviting space, especially when the temperatures drop and the winter sets in.

Multifunctional Garden Room

There was also a trend towards a Multifunctional Garden Room. A room that could be a home office and double as a home gym, a games room, or a bar for entertaining.

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