What is The Price of Private Jet Rental in The UK in 2023?

Surprisingly, renting a private jet is more affordable than most people think… And while it may seem like a luxury reserved to richest individuals, what you’ll find out below might change your mind!

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You can choose your exact destination don’t have to rely on commercial flight plans and enjoy excellent service both in the air and on the ground. Whether it is jetting off for a holiday abroad or getting from London to Manchester in time for a business meeting, Private Jets offer a luxurious and flexible way to travel.

When looking to rent a private Jet, there are many costs in addition to the aeroplane itself, such as fuel, airway fees and personnel. We will now look at what these costs are based on.

Private Jet Companies

How much does it cost to rent a private jet?

There are several costs associated with renting a private Jet. As well as the cost of the jet itself, other factors to consider include Fuel, Airport fees, Airway fees, payment of the crew, Clearance charges, Storage costs, Passenger safety costs, as well as additional services such as catering and ground transport such as a shuttle or helicopter service.

What does the price include?

The cost of the aircraft itself can vary a lot and will depend on the size of the plane and the type. The higher the class of jet the higher the cost, and the likewise for more passengers flying. Fuel costs will also vary and are calculated on factors such as the consumption of the aircraft and the distance to be flown.

Airway fees are the charges for using the aviation infrastructure and need to be calculated for every private jet flight. Airport fees are charged are both the site of take-off and landing. This is for the use of the airfield at take-off and landing sites and for facilities such as the luggage belt. There may be an air passenger tax at some locations, depending on the route taken and, depending on the country, an entry fee may apply. Airport Clearance Charges must also be considered. There are typically special handling companies on the ground who clean and refuel the jets, maintain crew lounges and operate ground transport. Aircraft storage is another cost factor. Like car parking costs, if arriving by private jet and need to store it until you depart again, you need to cover storage costs.

Payment of the Flight Crew is an essential cost covered in most rental fees. Private Jets often require two pilots, very few can fly with just one pilot. A flight attendant may also be required, depending on passenger numbers and their needs. As well as their basic salary, expenses such as food, travel and accommodation are covered. There is also a Passenger Safety fee for each passenger on board at take-off. This is based on the number of passengers but also varies according to the take-off and landing regions. Services such as on-board catering and ground travel to and from the airport are also factored in at an additional cost.

You can either book a private jet for a round trip or one way. Though even if you book one way, the jet will still need to return to the starting point and will incur similar costs for fuel, crew and air travel even with no passengers on board.

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