What is the Cost of Moving Services in The UK?

One of the considerations when moving house is about moving your goods and furniture and how much it will cost. Many people will consider a moving service and will wonder about the cost of moving services in the UK.

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While the exact amount will depend on the distance you are moving and how long it will take to pack and how much stuff you have. Having an approximate idea of the moving costs and how the cost of moving is calculated will help you prepare for the cost of an upcoming house move, and find a suitable service.

Moving Services

How much do moving services cost?

Removal companies charge an average of £50-£60 per hour for local moves, this is for two men and a van and a two-hour minimum charge. For a long-distance move, firms will charge a fixed price which can be anywhere between £450 for a 1 bed flat and £1000 for a 4 bedroom house. However, the actual average cost of moving services is much harder to accurately calculate due to several varying factors that occur with each residential move.

How much do local moving services cost?

A local move is when you are either moving across town or relocating to a neighbouring town or city. Typically, local movers charge by the hour, not by weight (such as per pound or kilo) or distance (i.e. per mile). The average cost of local movers is £50-£60 per hour for two people and a van. However, this hourly rate can vary significantly depending on the moving company and your exact location in the UK. Most local movers will have a two-hour minimum charge to ensure they are protected from very short moves.

A local packing service is usually around £20 per hour per packer, the packing materials needed may or may not be included in the packing rate. You will have to pay extra for each additional packer, as will any extra moving services you request or that are essential for completing the moving job. It will be nearly impossible to predict how many hours it will take your local moving company to work on your move, so it’s a wise idea to trust the quote they have given.

How much do long distance moving services cost?

It is harder to calculate the cost of a long-distance move when the house moving cost will be determined by the distance and the shipment weight. As this is highly variable, it may be better to get accurate quotes from home moving service companies and then compare the estimated prices you receive.

Though, it may be useful to have a rough idea of long-distance moving costs to prepare yourself. If you’re moving out of a one-bedroom home or flat the average moving costs are roughly £450. If you would like professional help with packing, you will be looking at an additional sum of approximately £200. The cost of hiring a moving services company when you are moving from a four-bedroom house can easily exceed £1000, while professional help with packing will cost you about another £400.

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