What is The Cost of Car Tyres in 2024?

The cost of new tyres will depend completely on the brand, size, quality and seasonality of the tyres you pick.

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There are several factors that will have a part in determining the cost of car tyres, such as the all-season, summer or winter options, and whether you opt for a premium brand such as Pirelli, or a more budget-friendly brand like Autogrip. Therefore, it is hard to give an exact quote for tyres but in the UK prices range from £40 and over.

What is the cost of tyres in the UK?

Typically, the smaller and narrow the tyre is, the cheaper it will be. This is because a smaller tyre is made up of fewer materials and will consequently have a lower speed and load rate. The price of tyres will also vary depending on the type of vehicle and the thicker 4×4 tyres are a lot more expensive than a standard car or van tyres.

Instead of buying the cheapest tyres to save money, it is a good idea to shop around to find a good deal and find the best value for money. It is important that you buy the correct tyre which is most suitable for your vehicle. Purchasing and putting the wrong type of tyres on your car will not only have an effect on the way you drive, but you could also be risking the safety of yourself and others.

How do I know if my car needs new tyres?

If when you are driving you suddenly notice that your tyre has gone flat or has lost pressure when compared to the other tyres on your car, it is a good bet that you may need to get a replacement tyre. However, before rushing to purchase you can inspect the tyre yourself by first looking around the sidewall for scruffs or bulges and feeling around the tread area to see if anything is stuck to the tyre. If you don’t notice anything then you can first try reinflating the tyre, as it may be possible that there is a small puncture, and it could take some hours or, in some cases days, before the tyre will go down. However, if you have a noticeable hole in your tyre then it is pretty clear that you will need to have it repaired or replaced.

What size are my tyres?

To find out the size of your current tyres you will need to look at the side of the tyre and note what size you see so that you are able to get an exact quote for how much a new tyre will cost.

Where can I get a replacement tyre?

The average price to fit and balance a new tyre is around £17.00 in the UK. This is priced per tyre and is in addition to the cost of the tyre you choose. It is a good idea to get quotes from trusted service providers in your area in order to find the most suitable option for you.

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