What is The Cost of 24 Hour Live In Care?

When it comes to the people we love and care about, everyone wants to find the ideal solution for care when the time comes.

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Truthfully, there is no simple answer to the question of how exactly how much live-in care will cost as the exact figure will depend on individual circumstances. This article will look at the approximate costs, the factors you must consider, and the funding that may be available to you, helping you to decide on the best option for you.

Live-in Care

You may just be starting to ponder care options for the future or be further along in the process of looking for a high-quality and trusted care option for yourself, or your loved one.
Live-in care provides a comfortable solution. It involves a qualified care professional moving into the home. The only requirement is that the property is able to accommodate a new tenant (the caregiver). The care professional will have undergone specialist training in caring for these with low to mid-level needs, including administering medications and dealing with potential behavioural issues and physical needs. All the while providing the recipient with constant companionship.

Live-in care is a care option that allows you, or your loved one to remain in their home and receive professional support and companionship, often on a 24-hour basis. It allows the care recipient a continued sense of independence and may be ideal for someone with mild or low-level care needs. The care recipient can still maintain close ties to their family and community. It also allows family the flexibility to visit when they can but also be safe in the knowledge their loved one is being cared for when they cannot be there.

Live In Care Costs UK

The cost of live-in care will depend on the individual circumstances, such as where you live, and the care requirements. Live-in care can be a cost-effective option for couples and allows them to live together in their home and remain in the community.

The costs of live-in care in the UK start from £1,125 per week for a single person and £1,425 per week for a couple. Though this can be as much as £2,000 per week in some cases. The exact costs will vary according to the level of support required by you or your loved one. It may be providing personal care, companionship, help administering medication, or you may have more complex needs and healthcare requirements, that may occur in cases where dementia is diagnosed, for example.

There may be other costs involved that need to be considered. There may be a need to modify the property if the care is to be given at home. You will also need to factor in a budget for the carer’s meals, which will vary but is suggested at around £30 per week.

Funding options

Finally, there is some financial support available from the government. Those who suffer from more complex health issues could have their care funded by the NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC). You may also be entitled to support from your local council, this will be determined by a needs assessment, which will consider your means such as your salary and savings. If you are found to be eligible then the home care service will contribute to care costs and arrange care for you, this is also known as state funded home care.

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