Top 5 Internet Deals For Seniors On a Budget

The top internet plans for UK seniors on a budget have fast speeds and extra benefits like unlimited data, short contracts, and discounts on modem rental and installation.

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The Internet is a good tool for older people. It lets you stay safe, pay your bills, buy groceries, and manage your money without having to leave your house. It’s also a great way to stay in touch with family and friends, which was very clear during the recent pandemic. There are a number of plans and prices for the internet that are made just for older people in the UK. These plans have fast, stable connections and the most advanced technology on the market.

Many internet plans require a one-year or even two-year contract. Customers that need to cancel or switch providers before their contract is up, you may have to pay an early termination fee (ETF). Thankfully this approach is becoming outdated, internet providers are less likely to make you sign an annual contract and more likely to let you sign up month-to-month without a contract. That’s the best choice, since you can cancel at any time and won’t have to worry about those surprise ETFs.

Internet deals from the top providers are being marketed directly to older people in order to get as many of them online as possible. The cheapest Wi-Fi subscriptions cost as little as £19.99 a month, but there are options with better service, faster download speeds, and fewer hidden costs for Seniors with a modem and Wi-Fi signal. Depending on the company, you may have to pay for the rental equipment in advance. However, most companies offer packages that include everything you need. Compare these top 5 deals for Seniors in the UK on a budget, and get yourself a great deal this holiday season.

Cuckoo Broadband Offers Seniors Reliable, Fast and Affordable Internet

Cuckoo Broadband is a relative newcomer to the market, though they have some of the fastest speeds among providers with up to 900Mbps download options. Their Eggspress Wi-Fi dongle can be with you the very next day. So you’ll be online the day after you sign up, no waiting around for expensive installations.

Seniors can pick their contract
 according to what suits them best. Try the service on a roll monthly plan or choose a 12-month plan. It’s totally up to you. 
The Cuckoo Compass program ensures 1% of your bill helps spread the power of the internet to the places and people who need it most, that means Seniors can always get the best deal with Cuckoo Transparent billing shows you exactly what you’re paying for.

Full fibre connection plan:

  • Download speed: 100Mbps

  • Upload speed: 20Mbps

  • Incredibly reliable and secure

  • Roll-monthly or fix in for 12-months

  • £39.99/month

Unlimited Fibre Extra with Line Rental For, Fast Speeds and Perfect for Seniors On a Limited Budget

Plusnet is giving new customers a £50 Plusnet Reward Card as an early Black Friday deal this year. This is the same as having a lot of money in your pocket. The card already has money on it that you can spend online and in most stores on the high street that have a Mastercard logo. Once your broadband is up and running, you can get your reward card.

With Plusnet, you can get the same deal online or over the phone, and their customer service is available 7 days a week and has won a lot of awards. They send account reviews and reminders about the end of your contract so that you stay on the best deal possible. Also, online security and controls for parents are built in. Nice for when the grandchildren come to visit. Along with the line rental, a Wi-Fi router is also included to make sure that the broadband works well. When you’re up and running, you’ll have access to special deals from BT Sport.

Unlimited Fibre Extra Plan:

  • £50.00 Plusnet Reward Card to say thanks for signing up

  • 66 Mbps Average download speed

  • Price: £23.99 monthly

Hyperoptic Offer UK Seniors Lightning Fast Internet At The Lowest Prices On The Market

You can get online in minutes if you already have a router and socket installed. Seniors that don’t have these connections needn’t worry, as they can often install as early as the next day. They install 6 days a week, including Saturdays, and they text you so you know when they are due to arrive.

All their engineers are highly experienced, always clean up after themselves and make sure you’re up and running before they leave. Unlike some providers all of their plans are full fibre and come with unlimited data. Like their competitors they are giving away early Black Friday deals. Seniors can benefit from their Hyperoptic 50 plan for as little as £17 per month while this deal lasts.

Hyperoptic Fast Plan:

  • 50 Mbps download speed

  • 24-month minimum commitment

  • £29 activation fee

  • £17.99 Monthly

Virgin Media’s Broadband Only Packages Come in 2 Fantastic Flavours, with Ultrafast Speeds and Reliability

Virgin Media doesn’t have to connect your broadband service to a landline. Since they offer their internet through a dedicated fibre connection, establishing their broadband requires no phone line. This means that you may use their very fast internet service without ever connecting to a landline, with an average download speed of 1,130 Mbps. This is ideal for those who would want to make calls on their mobile device instead of combining their subscription with a TV, phone, or O2 SIM.

Virgin Broadband Only Deals:

  • Use on up to 9 devices

  • 18 month contract

  • £9.99 setup fee

  • Price: £25 a month for 132Mbps

  • Price: £27 a month for 362Mbps

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