How To Find Cheap Last Minute Cruise Deals

Get a last minute cruise holiday at an amazing discount, there are plenty of options at fantastic prices!

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A cut price cruise is easier to find than you might think. With a serious dip in sales due to the pandemic, cruise companies and their agents are desperately trying to get the levels of passengers up this year. As many countries begin to ease restriction on entry and open their borders, the cruise holiday industry is attracting customers with some superb deals on packages.

If you want that huge discount on your cruise, you will however, have to follow some pointers to secure that best deal. Once you have that deal in place you can always ask for an upgrade on board. They will check the manifest for non booked or cancelled quarters and offer you a deal on them. This tip and a few others you can follow below, will give you every chance to book a cheap discount cruise at an unbeatable price.

Get A Great Price On Your Cruise Holiday When You Book Early!

Early Saver Rates are a one-time offer that protects you from price drops up to two days before your sailing date. If you book an Early Saver cruise at least 3 months in advance for short cruises or 5 months for 6+ nights, and pay in full at the time of booking, you can then find a lower price up to two days before sailing. Most providers will give you the option of a shipboard credit or an equivalent category upgrade. The Early Saver program is a strategy to promote early reservations. You can expect to save around 30% or more on your original price. The credit can be used for dining, entertainment or even a cabin upgrade which you would have ordinarily had to fork out for.

Get A Price Alert Sent To Your Phone And Be The First To Take Advantage Of That Fantastic Offer!

Many travel agency websites offer consumers weekly or even daily email notifications to keep them up to date on current specials. Although several agencies often get the same pricing, it doesn’t hurt to sign up for a variety of deal alerts to guarantee you get the best value. Sign up for a price drop alert for a cruise you’re interested in. You’ll be notified by email or SMS when the price reduces. This not only offers you information about the cruise ship you want to travel with, but it also allows you to click on discounted cruise deals from other cruise lines.

Open Your Cruise Line Website To Access The Offer/Deals Button.

All of the cruise lines have a button on their web pages that lists the current cruise deals. These are normally only accessible for a short period of time and on certain sailings. Check out websites like for additional options, including sorting by location, trip duration, % discount and upgrades.

If you have already paid for a trip and see a cheaper deal, you mat be able to negotiate a discount on the trip you have already paid for with your agent or the cruise line themselves. Should they refuse to offer you a discount it is always good to point out a better deal from a competitor to them, that you could switch to. Since cruise companies are trying their hardest right now in what is a buyers market, you should be offered some concession, maybe even a cabin upgrade.

Book Your Cruise In The Low Season And Make Huge Savings!

Not only do the temperatures decrease in the winter, but so do the cruise rates. Cruising has often been slow at this time of year. Except during the holidays, most cruise lines see a decrease in passenger numbers, since many locations, such as the Caribbean, Alaska, and the Mediterranean, are more popular during the summer. However, keep in mind that these are sluggish periods for a reason: Examine your schedule and usual temperatures, as well as weather-related problems like hurricane warnings.

Keep your eye on cruise discounts 90 days prior to departure!

Three months before to departure is an important period to keep in mind, since this is when cruise companies usually offer discounts on unsold accommodations. Set a price alert for a certain ship and sailing date that you’re interested in, and you’ll be alerted if the price reduces.

Be flexible when choosing your discount cruise holiday!

To obtain a great discount on a cruise, you may have to be willing to go on the spur of the moment. Although you may be able to locate a fantastic price on a last-minute Caribbean cruise, it may not contain the ports on your wish list, so keep your options open. Remember that if you don’t reside near a major departure port, you’ll have to add in the expense of last-minute travel, which will deplete your funds.

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