How To Find Cheap Private Jet Deals

Want a flight on a private jet, but think it’s only for the rich? Think again!

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Private jets used to be the reserve of the ultra-rich and famous. With passengers worried about Covid and many airlines substantially cutting their routes, more people than ever are looking at private jets as a way to travel. You’ll probably be thinking there can’t be a seat on a private jet that I can afford, however you would be wrong, private jets have never been more affordable if you know where to look!

Private Jets are typically more costly to find a seat on than a no frill airline, so don’t expect your £9.99 one way flight from Manchester to Faro. However you can find cheap private jet flights for less than you might pay for a long haul business class ticket on some carriers.

Buying Empty Legs or and travelling in a group for instance, to celebrate a stag or hen party, won’t set you back too much. Take a look at these great tips on how to find your cheap Private Jet deal today!

Get an amazing price with an ‘Empty Leg’ seat on a Private Jet!

Buying an empty leg of a private jet would be the easiest method to obtain the private jet all to yourself if you have a particular event or just want to splurge out. The term “empty legs” refers to when a private jet has dropped off or is about to pick up passengers and the plane must proceed without them. Flying an empty jet doesn’t make much financial sense so companies offer these time slots at discount prices to anybody with the cash on hand to pay for them. Air Partner, Victor, and Jetpartners are just a few of the firms doing this presently from the UK. The fares are obviously not cheap, but if the airline is fully booked, you may secure tickets for roughly £500 per person. Some costs are negotiable, especially when the date is approaching.

Air Partner have seen more than a 210% increase in request volumes for future flight booking in 2021 with this set to remain at the same level in 2022. They operate a range of private jets, the Hawker 800XP, Embraer Legacy, Phenom 300, and Cessna Citation Excel/XLS to name a few. Empty leg flights can be found from a wide range of UK airports including Luton, Farnborough and Manchester.

Join a jet club and get an unbeatable price for your luxury flight!

The newest trend in private planes was shared private jet clubs. Regrettably, the ones in the United Kingdom have mostly died off. These firms run a membership program that allows you to travel on their private planes as frequently as you like, but you will be sharing space with other members. You don’t have the freedom of a private aircraft since they operate on a defined schedule to specified locations. However, the upside is that you save a significant amount of time at the airport since you travel from a private terminal and often arrive just before the aircraft.

XO is the largest firm in the United Kingdom (formally JetSmarter). They offer great affordable prices for a seat on a shared plane. Obviously, they do not provide a wide variety of places, but for a special occasion, this may be an incredible gift for yourself or a loved one. They provide a variety of membership options, including individuals who fly fewer than 15 hours each year. Their memberships range from ones which include the opportunity to reserve a single seat or a whole plane. Unless you travel often, you are unlikely to choose the whole plane membership option. The first option, on the other hand, is intended for flyers wishing to make a handful of flights a year.

Reserve a seat on a Private jet at business class prices today!

JetClass is a new enterprise based on the other side of the channel that aims to make private jet travel more accessible. They just established FlightPooling by JetClass in response to the numerous individuals worldwide who are unable to fly as a result of the world’s biggest airlines suspending or drastically reducing operations in reaction to COVID-19. FlightPooling is the practice of a group of individuals requesting flights between their selected locations together and then sharing the expense of the voyage.

They now provide various inter-European itineraries departing from cities such as Nice, Zurich, and Luxembourg for as little as €390. They presently only offer Paris from London, at a cost of €590. This is truly the way to fly in comfort, since it’s such an affordable way to enjoy a private aircraft. Though this is a shared plane, you get all of the additional benefits you expect on a private jet.

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