How This New Phone Technology Can Save You Thousands (VOIP)

Save huge amounts of money on your phone bills, with VOIP technology.

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VoIP (Voice over IP) is a technology that enables you to make business phone calls using your internet connection rather than a ‘conventional’ telephone line. VoIP is rapidly eclipsing ISDN and on-premise telephone systems as the industry standard for commercial telephone systems in the United Kingdom.

Everyone is familiar with call costs, and they were highly widespread among commercial telephone systems prior to VoIP. However, VoIP allows you to significantly cut, if not completely eliminate, call rates. Because VoIP utilizes your bandwidth for business phone calls, you may take advantage of FREE UK minutes to help your company save money.

Jut take a look at the massive differences switching to VOIP technology can make for your company, and you’ll be packing up your old communications system, ready to make huge savings tomorrow!

Sleek, user friendly handsets and head gear with excellent HD audio communication.

You’ll have access to latest gear and technology if you use VoIP. Businesses’ desk phones and physical hardware are anticipated to grow increasingly sophisticated as the telecom industry advances toward entirely cloud-based VoIP solutions. Our VoIP solution offers organizations with the most up-to-date HD voice gear, which is designed to be future-proof.

Another significant benefit of VoIP is the absence of installation fees and expenditures. With a standard ISDN telephone system, experts would need to come to your location and spend a significant amount of time establishing and configuring your phone system. However, with VoIP, there is no need for an expensive installation or a major revamp of your communications, just another advantage of VoIP.

Give your home office a communications make-over!

For many businesses, working from home has become the norm in 2020 and seems to continue along that trend. This has caused issues with businesses whose telephony was not optimized for home working. However, one of the biggest advantages of VoIP is that it allows seamless home working. Using only your employees home broadband connection, they can make and receive calls as though they were sat at their desk.

A great advantage of VoIP telephone systems is their call quality. VoIP has higher quality calls than traditional ISDN telephone lines. This is because VoIP uses your internet connectivity to make and receive voice calls, instead of traditional analogue technology.

One line forever, Stop paying for multiple business phone lines!

VoIP, as previously stated, makes use of your company’s broadband connection rather than conventional phone lines. Without VoIP, your company will need numerous telephone lines, one for each continuous call; however, when you switch to VoIP, these lines may be reduced to a single broadband connection. As you would expect, combining many expenditures into one saves your company a lot of money.

Being mobile is a crucial characteristic of contemporary phone systems, and VoIP excels at it. You can give your company a whole new level of mobility with our VoIP mobile app. The software enables seamless mobility by allowing you to carry your phone system with you wherever you go. You may make and receive calls from the app as if you were sitting at your office workstation.

A communications network you can rely on, now and in the future.

Integration is a major component of digital communication technologies. The ability to integrate is a key benefit of VoIP. With companies increasingly depending on CRMs and other tools, integrating your VoIP might save you time and money. Click-to-dial, screen popping, and other features let you run your company more efficiently.

Another benefit of VoIP is the cost structure. With no hidden expenses or convoluted commitments, our basic monthly price makes it apparent what you’re paying. VoIP is an excellent approach to lower your company’s running costs and propel it toward digital transformation.

With short contracts & unrivalled support, communicate how you want - where you want.

We don’t provide extended leasing agreements for our VoIP telephone systems, and we can’t answer for other suppliers. You may be required to sign extended five- or seven-year contracts, with interest and other fees added on top. These leasing agreements aren’t necessary with VoIP due of its easy cost.

Our VoIP services are completely supported. This means you can relax knowing that our in-house support team is looking after your communications. With telecommunications becoming an increasingly important aspect of any company’s operations. You’re tethered to your actual hardware with a fixed, on-premise telephone system. Your company will have a lot more freedom using VoIP. Softphone applications are a fundamental benefit of VoIP, allowing you to use your smartphone as a phone. Take your business with you wherever you go by using your computer or smartphone as a desk-phone.

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