Best Healthy Meal Delivery Packages [2022]

Brits are revamping their eating habits by having nutritious meals delivered directly to their homes to keep them fit and healthy. A wide variety of dietary requirements are accommodated for, including low-carb, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, keto, paleo, and Mediterranean options.

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For many people in the UK, it is challenging to eat enough lean protein, fruits, and vegetables to maintain a healthy diet. The world’s plethora of quick, tasty meals that are heavy in empty calories could be difficult to ignore. When your refrigerator is stocked with tasty and nourishing ready-made meals, like those offered by these healthy meal delivery services, it is much easier to avoid junk food.

Healthy meal delivery services may be the simplest way to gain some more time during the week by removing two daily tasks: food shopping and meal preparation, in addition to achieving your body-conscious goals. There are professional meal services that can accommodate almost any diet, including prepared meals that are suitable for keto and paleo diets, completely organic fare, and vegan and vegetarian meals made exclusively from plant-based ingredients. Many may be modified to meet nutritional needs.

The best food delivery services provide healthy prefabricated meals or ready-to-cook healthy meal kits that could sate your desires for pasta and fast food, even a few times each week. By eliminating time-consuming procedures and introducing home chefs to new techniques and recipes, these kits may improve the quality of mealtimes. Continue reading and choose a delivery service that brings goodness right to your door.

Hello Fresh For Healthy Food

One of the most well-known recipe box firms in the UK is HelloFresh. With this service, food waste is eliminated since you’ll only get the exact quantity of ingredients you need for your meals. Easy-to-follow recipe cards are another item that arrives in every HelloFresh package.

One of the best features of this recipe box is how much customization is possible. You may choose the family box, classic box, or quick box based on the size of your family. You may further personalize the box by selecting 2, 3, 4, or 5 recipes each week. Now you’re looking for a fun cooking experience, with diverse and delicious healthy recipes, HelloFresh might just be the service for you.


  • From £3.25 per serving
  • Referral program
  • Monthly subscription available

Choose Gousto for All Your Dietary Needs

In the UK, Gousto is well-known, and the firm presently sends out over 4 million meals each month. This recipe box provider, like HelloFresh, gives you the precise quantity of items you need along with legible instruction cards.

There are more than 50 different recipes available each week, including alternatives for vegetarian, vegan, plant-based, and meat-based meals. Gousto provides two types of boxes: one for two people and the other for a family with two to three kids. Gousto is a great service because of its reasonable cost, adaptability, and selection of alternatives.

Customers may create a weekly or monthly program to fit their dietary demands while eating healthfully. Additionally, all new customers may take advantage of the Gousto recommend a friend promotion, which offers 60% off the first box and 30% off all subsequent boxes for the first month.


  • From £2.98 per serving
  • Referral program
  • Monthly subscription available

Mindful Chef Offers A Delicious and Diverse Menu

Since its founding in 2015, Mindful Chef has purchased all of its materials from local small farms in the UK. One of the most extensive selections is available to customers of this meal delivery service.

You may get their wholesome frozen ready meals when you’re short on time, then just reheat your food. Their selection of healthy recipe boxes will be perfect for you if you like cooking. In addition, Mindful Chef provides care packages that you may give to loved ones, smoothie pouches, and nutritious broths and soups. Your first four recipe boxes will be shipped to you at a 25% discount as part of our next great bargains.


  • A four-person box costs £4.50 each serving
  • A two-person box costs £5 per serving
  • One-person box costs £8 per serving

Balance Box Is Perfect For Those On A Controlled Diet

Your daily food needs are met by this fantastic healthy meal delivery service. You will get three meals and two snacks each day after placing an order. You may choose from the traditional box, the pescatarian box, the vegetarian box, or the free-form box depending on your dietary choices.

Your exercise objectives are also accommodated by Balance Box. When you want to keep an eye on your weight, you may choose their Lighter Plan, which offers 1200–1300 calories daily. Their Market Plan (1700–1800 calories per day), which is the best option if you want to maintain your weight, would be the best choice. The greatest part is that all of their delectable pre-made meals are ready in under two minutes, which will save you time and effort.

Balance wants you to eat healthily and will help you choose meals that will keep you active and energetic. It’s simple to mix and match components, and there are many different types of essentials to choose from.


  • Starting at £24.99 daily.

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