Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Jolly good Mobile Phone Plans at knock down prices, specifically geared to the demands of the older user!

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Cell phones are cutting-edge technology, but they aren’t simply for individuals looking for the newest Smartphone or unlimited internet packages. There are several customised Cell Phone Plans available that are specifically suited to the demands of the Senior population.

It seems to reason that as we become older, our needs for utilizing our cell phones change. We may use social media less, take more photos, and go overseas more often.
Whether you want a plan with modest data consumption and unlimited texts with free add-ons, or you want a plan that allows you wander as much as you like while consuming data at a fair price, you’ll find an appropriate option right here.

Best plans for just the basics – Get a fantastic deal on a Pre-Paid option.

Don’t use your mobile often, but when you do it’s for the occasional catch-up or for an emergency? Then this is for you. Since you only use your phone’s most basic features, you don’t want to splash the cash on high-end mobile plans. If you need a pay-as-you-go, low-cost plan for the essentials then these 3 providers have some great offers.


1pMobile’s pay-as-you-go SIM also offers the cheapest rates you’ll find, with all minutes, texts and data costing just 1p. Calls are just 1p per minute, texts are 1p per text and data is 1p per MB. If you only use your phone for emergencies or the odd phone call, this is a great money-saving choice. But, the catch is that you must remember to top up at least once every 4 months with at least £10 or you’ll be disconnected.

Asda mobile

Asda Mobile is the second pick on this list for Pre-Paid phone deals. Calls to UK landlines and mobiles are 4p per minute, texts 4p (up to 160 characters), data 4p per MB, and calls to your voicemail 4p.

3 Mobile Pay As You Go

3 Mobile Pay As You Go is slightly more expensive but won’t break the bank if you only use your mobile occasionally. Calls cost 10p per minute, 10p per text and 5p per MB of data. However, note that 3 Mobile Pay As You Go SIM cards only work on phones that are at least 3G compatible.

Bit of a social Butterfly? Choose a great plan created for Seniors!

If you’re always on the phone to your friends and relatives, those minutes can quickly add up. Looking for a plan that won’t hit you with a hefty bill at the end of the month? An unlimited calls and texts option is your best bet.

Lebara SIM only

Lebara’s SIM-only deal includes unlimited calls and texts and 3GB of data, all for £4.95 a month with no contract. This is a great choice if you wish to use your phone predominantly for calling and texting, and don’t want to spend a lot of money on your plan.


SMARTY also offers a SIM-only plan. Get unlimited minutes and texts, alongside 2GB of data each month, for just £5 a month with no contract.

3 Mobile SIM only

3 Mobile has a SIM-only plan that gives you unlimited calls and texts with 1GB of data for £5, but you need to sign up to a 12-month contract.

If you use Facebook and WhatsApp and like to use your mobile phone to browse the Internet, you should choose a plan with a larger data allowance, alongside unlimited calls and texts.

Lebara SIM-only with 10GB of data

Lebara’s £6.95 SIM-only plan includes unlimited calls and texts alongside 10GB of data. No contract is necessary for this SIM, meaning you can change or cancel your plan anytime.

giffgaff SIM-only with 15GB of data

If you feel you need a bigger data allowance each month, then giffgaff offers you 15GB data alongside unlimited calls for £10 per month. Again, there’s no contract so you can cancel your plan at any time. giffgaff has won many awards for its flexible service, and is a popular choice.

If you like travelling, you'll need a research tool, navigation device, and camera all in one.

Following the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union beginning in 2022, the UK government has imposed a restriction on data roaming costs, restricting it at £45 each monthly billing cycle, to safeguard travellers from building up hefty data roaming fees.

The Go Roam package from 3 Mobile is an excellent alternative for overseas travellers. It allows you to use your mobile phone to make calls, send messages, and access data in 71 countries across the globe. Upgrading 3 Mobile subscribers, as well as new customers who sign up on or after October 31, 2021, must pay a daily fee of £2 for Go Roam Europe and £5 for Go Roam Around the World.

O2 has not yet announced any new fees for consumers travelling inside the EU. This is wonderful news for current O2 users since it means that they may use their monthly data allocation while travelling in Europe, with a reasonable usage restriction of up to 25GB per month, at least for the time being.

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